Nonsensical World; SSMR

From Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral to race hustlers trying gain attention from her, the world has never made less sense. That being said the Left doesn’t just appear to hate the nation of Australia but actually everything in it, including sport. Let’s find out how and why.

  1. This Song’s For You
  2. What The Queen Means
  3. True Reconciliation Is Never Meant To Be
  4. He’s Made His Marx Today
  5. More Poison Is Required?
  6. Where Did She Go?
  7. True Words
  8. Worst Week’s Post- This Is A Joke, Surely
  9. 20 Words or Less- God’s Throne Stands Eternally
  10. Sources (In order of use)

This Song’s For You

Yeah, I could see him quite close to tears during that Committal Service to Queen Elizabeth II when the national anthem was sung. I’m pretty sure there were some tears there.

What The Queen Means

Another person points King Charles’ reaction too and is correct in the big picture. Apart from his first 4 years of life, God Save The King was God Save The Queen, his mother. People sung about his mother; now people sing about him.

True Reconciliation Is Never Meant To Be

I’m sure James means all the little things I add on but just can’t fit it in 280 characters. Anyway, there is never supposed to be a “reconciliation” because mainly we human beings and judged individually and not on the basis of our ancestors. This is all about perpetual victimhood to bring about total authoritarian control. You think if we give up our land to “Aboriginals” that they will actually have any power of it? Doing what “they” want changes absolutely nothing into actual harmony.

He’s Made His Marx Today

Our taxpayer dollars fund this man. I swear he is a parody sometimes. How dare Australians like sport, he bemoans.

More Poison Is Required?

Really? We needed more “vaccines”? No thank you.

Where Did She Go?

I saw a post about Grace Tame and then I remembered her massive attention seeking deactivation of her social media accounts. The fact that something like this became news is something I’ve talked repeatedly about. She doesn’t deserve the attention.

Also, no, it’s not a conspiracy theory to point out how she is deactivates to get good publicity ahead of her tour. That’s literally the reason given; we are just filling in the motives. There’s no need to deactivate your account if you’re busy; just leave it. But as always, she gets the attention she craves now without the scrutiny of people looking over her obvious Lefty takes from her Tweets which are now hidden.

True Words

Wonderful words. We need to remember all that.

Worst Week’s Post- This Is A Joke, Surely

I’m done here. This is absolutely top tier satire level. Please leave Australia and stop taking our money.

20 Words or Less- God’s Throne Stands Eternally

So be it, Lord; Thy throne shall never, Like earth’s proud empires, pass away: Thy kingdom stands, and grows forever.

Sources (In order of use)

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