It’s Not Normal; SSMR

What happened this week!? Whatever it was not normal or right.

  1. The Truth Is The Truth
  2. We All Stand With Pauline
  3. Hypocrisy Is Thy Name
  4. Eat Meat
  5. The (G)A(Y)BC Is At It Again
  6. Meet The Truth
  7. It’s Real
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Please Rise, Victorians, For The Soviet Anthem
  9. 20 Words or Less- Don’t Give In
  10. Sources (In order of use)

The Truth Is The Truth

Pauline is absolutely correct, Mehreen Faruqi should leave Australia if she doesn’t like it so much. Of course she won’t because she enjoys the lifestyle and attention.

We All Stand With Pauline

Here’s some reaction to Pauline’s Tweet. This comes about because the absolute whinger Mehreen is apparently considering human rights commission complaint about it because apparently it’s racist.

Hypocrisy Is Thy Name

It’s absolutely wonderful to see the hypocrisy of the Leftists who want open borders. They are having a sook because those people from the open borders come to them in their uber-rich Martha’s Vineyard.

Eat Meat

These people are absolute clowns. Well done, Colin, enjoy your beef. We’ll miss you at GB News though.

The (G)A(Y)BC Is At It Again

You know what, as James said, Barrie is right here. He wants the typical Leftist dribble that the ABC spouts. Unfortunately for him, the ABC still has to present itself for the stalwarts that it actually does its job as a national broadcaster and so it does that by reporting on our Queen, our monarchy. So yes, the (G)A(Y)BC viewers love the lesbians in Peppa Pig. Honestly, I just give up with news now. I can’t be bothered.

Meet The Truth

First of all, this whole thread is just so cringey; the Lefty reporter gets to spout propaganda to the Lefty TV show which already presents those views. But is it supposed to be an insult or something that Anne presents Christian views? Sure, I disagree often with Pastor Wilson as he is a massive Calvinist but what part of what is said here is wrong? The only wrong thing is “gay marriage”; it doesn’t exist, it’s an oxymoron. That is unless of course, gay means happy.

It’s Real

Then what the heck is this, Leo? Are you telling me the mainstream media is lying? You don’t get to speak on behalf of every school student. Just because they weren’t “forced” doesn’t bean they weren’t forced. It’s the same not “forced” definition that occurred when people had to take a poison shot or lose their jobs. You’ll quickly learn the definition of forced is not limited to physical force. So Alexandra Marshall is 100% on this. Gets them young on bugs. Make it tasty and then remove the tasty part and gaslight them to say that they always liked eating bugs.

Worst Week’s Post- Please Rise, Victorians, For The Soviet Anthem

See this? This is literally propaganda. Truly PR Guy is the PR Guy for the Labor, WEF establishment; particularly in Victoria. He personifies Chairman Dan with Victoria, a key mark of an authoritarian state and if you disagree then you hate Victoria. A bit like how Emperor McGowan was labelled “state dad”. The thing about the personification is that they irony never accept responsibility for the bad things. Hmm…

Anyway, I dislike Victoria so what are you going to do? Come at Mr Goebbels or whatever the Soviet propagandists names were. He literally will not say a bad thing about Chairman Dan and co. I plan to write a long piece about this very issue and how is a key cog in the propaganda machine and I’ll come back and link it here if I remember.

20 Words or Less- Don’t Give In

As the freedom fighter Mack says, “Pick up your swords, pick up your shields and don’t give them another inch”.

Sources (In order of use)


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