The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II ; SSMR

There has never been a moment like this in history. I won’t ever forget this; the world won’t. Nothing will be the same after the death of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.

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  9. 20 Words or Less- Turn To Jesus Christ
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Rest In Peace

Wonderful words. Rest in peace.

Life Goes On

The great and ancient proclamation. Remember that our monarchy continues.

Good Speech

Boris Johnson did well. He spoke wonderfully. It’s a shame that his statesmanship was only on display at this occasion.

We All Feel Loss

Absolutely right. I’m sure most people feel the same way.

The Queen Has Been There, Almost Always

True, she’s been a present constant in all of our lives. Never forget that she was Queen of Australia and the rest of the Commonwealth too.

A Great Legacy

A great legacy is 100% correct. Liz Truss did well after only just becoming Prime Minister of the UK.

Australia’s Queen Too

Just one bone to pick. There’s no need for Australia to express condolences to the UK, she is our Queen too.

Worst Week’s Post- Hatred

There were some worse posts but I’ll take this sanitised hatred against the Queen as to not give too much attention to this hatred. It’s truly disrespectful to write such horrible lies. So very disappointing.

20 Words or Less- Turn To Jesus Christ

Death brings us reminder of our mortality. Let us turn to Jesus Christ, as our Queen did, for our salvation.

Sources (In order of use)


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