The Narratives Are Lies; SSMR

There are many narratives, plenty of the “current things” and all of them are complete lies. Let’s dig in and see the truth of the week and expose the lies.

  1. Shh… Don’t Say Islam
  2. Trump Raided But Why?
  3. Parental Apathy
  4. The Climate Cult Is Exposed Again
  5. It’s The Vibe But Where’s Everyone Else’s Voice?
  6. This Narrative Is Off The Rails
  7. Do Not Boast In Blocking
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Brain Cells Left The Chat
  9. 20 Words or Less- Stand Firm In Truth
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Shh… Don’t Say Islam

Of course, the media don’t want to point out it was Islam that wanted end the life of Salman Rushdie and then he was attacked. The media will obscure any Islamic responsibility for crimes because they are a crucial “minority” in woke intersectionality. So as James pointed out, an Islamic fatwa is ignored.

Trump Raided But Why?

There’s so much wrong with the FBI raid on Donald Trump’s house and everything else that is used to attack him. There clearly is nothing that the FBI searched and/or found that the globalists want to expose Donald Trump with.

This has to be a deliberate distraction tactic from everything that’s going on since all this does is fire up Donald Trump and his supporters. A distraction tactic is the only option here because Donald Trump helped to produce and took the so-called COVID-19 “vaccines” which is poisoning and killing so many people so it’s not like Jair Bolsonaro who the globalists want dead.

Now you could say Donald Trump isn’t a willing participant in the globalists’ takeover because he rails against them. But notice he never goes the full way and calls out Bond villian-esque Klaus Swabb and his cronies. Maybe he just doesn’t know but that’s unlikely. As a controlled opposition as he is, he is still better than those he opposes.

Parental Apathy

I think Stephen has a point here. Where were the parents in all this? Were they seriously allowing this mutilation to happen? That being said, all “gender” clinics are responsible for their actions. The fact that the Tavistock one in the UK closed isn’t enough.

The Climate Cult Is Exposed Again

“The Great Barrier Reef is dying!”, shout the liars and loonies. Well they’re so wrong as we’ve said for ages. The “climate change” narrative is false and it’s collapsing.

It’s The Vibe But Where’s Everyone Else’s Voice?

100% right. This division is unnecessary and just plain wrong. The only voice “The Voice” will be is a voice for more native title claims to take away land privately owned and given to Aboriginal puppets controlled by the government.

You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy, the globalists tell us. Well they’ll be happy that we own nothing. And it’s not difficult to see how this is happening.

  • Sky-high inflation means high food prices
  • Soaring interest rates means mass mortgage defaultings
  • Expense or no energy to power our homes
  • Native title claims taking over all of Australia because this land “was, is and always will be Aboriginal land”

It doesn’t matter to this narrative though because according to it you’re a racist if you disagree with the vibe, your honour, per The Castle. My voice is firmly against the vibe.

This Narrative Is Off The Rails

I’ve stayed away from this topic but it’s not going away. It’s another Ukraine-Russia, Deep State-Trump, etc manufactured conflicts. The unions are happy to get attention and the NSW Liberal Government has a (typical) perpetual enemy to blame for problems. Meanwhile everyone else is screwed over by the unions’ rail strikes.

It’s not about that a train fleet is unsafe or workers want more money; you can clearly see this. Both the unions and the government have put agreements on the table and both aren’t moving. There is no need for any strikes when there are proposals on the table. You can always go back to striking if the government fails on its word. Otherwise, these actions could be for no gain.

Let’s give an example. If you are interrogating a criminal and he gives the location of some illegal possessions, do you keep interrogating him whilst you confirm the validity of his words or wait to see? You’re not gaining anything by harassing him in the meantime. If it turns out he lied, you can apply the pressure again.

This is not a situation where more pressure is required. If you’re interrogating the criminal and he says nothing of use, the interrogation can continue; you’re not losing anything. But if you continue unnecessarily, it’s just creates spite.

In any case, there can be some free trips to be had. It’s something at least.

Do Not Boast In Blocking

Warren, stop being weak. So many people from the Right are like this. Stop boasting in blocking people. It’s just cowardly. I don’t care what words you cop. You’re not supporting free speech by doing this. We all know the Twits that write horrible things but you are only feeding them by blocking them; it’s a badge of honour for them.

It doesn’t matter if these people are calling Aboriginals like you coconuts or whatever insults they use (I don’t even know) because you are going down to their level of cancellation. If our principle is free speech, that is paramount. And free speech has to be include the ability to be heard, otherwise it’s no freedom at all. The whole point about free speech is that we tolerate what others say because they tolerate what we say. So keep on the good work Warren but just ignore the Twits, there’s no need to boast about their demise.

Worst Week’s Post- Brain Cells Left The Chat

Just… so… stupid. I think I lost a brain cell every time I read this. I swear some of these accounts have to be satire. The COVID-19 narrative has been proven to be a lie so many times over.

20 Words or Less- Stand Firm In Truth

Don’t take any part in lies. Stand firm in the truth of God. His word alone will always be true.

Sources (In order of use)


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