The World Is Wrong; SSMR

It’s been another week here on this fallen Earth. From Baal worship on live worldwide TV to someone being arrested for sharing a meme (no, it’s not the other way around), I take a look at what is wrong with the world this week.

  1. What Has Happen Over The Past Two Years
  2. They’re Starting To Speak Out
  3. Walking Corpse
  4. Karen From Kooyong’s Hypocrisy
  5. Father Woke
  6. Who Are The Real Racists?
  7. Baal Worship In Plain Sight
  8. Worst Week’s Post- You Can Be Arrest For Sharing A Meme
  9. 20 Words or Less- Speak Up
  10. Sources (In order of use)

What Has Happen Over The Past Two Years

This is a wonderful segment of Alex Antic’s speech. It’s a simple explanation of what’s happened to us over the past two and a half years. And yes, we must do something; that’s why I keep doing my blog right here.

They’re Starting To Speak Out

One by one, the public figures are coming out on COVID-19. They’re daring to ask questions. They know something is up. If you too know something is up, start to ask questions. Otherwise, like the last post explained, we won’t have the ability to ask any more.

Substantively, though, so many of us have pointed this out for ages. It makes absolutely no sense whatsoever to have a jab mandate. The jab does not protect you.

Walking Corpse

The video is funny, scary creepy and real all in one. Joe Biden is not running the show his own brain, let alone the White House or the USA. But hey, it could be worse with, Kamala Harris, right? I don’t think it matters, she’s simple enough to have her strings pulled by the same puppet masters that control Joe Biden. In any case, this should have us concerned.

Karen From Kooyong’s Hypocrisy

It’s a funny take from Avi. I thought this situation was akin to the teacher who smoked by told all the students not to smoke. She’s such a hypocrite for telling others to wear a mask and she doesn’t.

Father Woke

No. Go away. Also, I think this man fundamentally misunderstands Christianity and the Gospel or he just makes up his own version. He isn’t saving souls by being Father Woke. Earning the respect of a few Twits is nothing compared the fires of Hell which await false preachers, in particular. We’re all sinners, make no doubt about that but God specifically holds those to account who claim to be preachers of His word and fail to tell the truth.

Also, what’s with all the irrelevant emojis? Did he accidently all type them?

Who Are The Real Racists?

James is on point as usual. It isn’t a step forward socialiality, morally or practically (to help Aboriginals) to have “Voice”. The whole point of it is to divide based on “race”; which isn’t even real. There is no actual race because we are all members of the human race. So, as James says, they use ancestry to define your in or out status. Not only, as I said, is that unable to establish a race (because there is no clear distinction between “races”) but it is patently unfair to be judged on the basis of your ancestors. It’s just plain wrong.

Baal Worship In Plain Sight

I watched another part of this to see if this clip is just a bit weird but no, it’s all weird. Apparently the bull meant to be a symbol of the industrial revolution or something. But we know it’s Baal worship the moment they literally stet bowing down and worshipping it. Honestly, I wouldn’t have known about this until I saw this clip because I wasn’t caring about a woke Commonwealth Games. Maybe that’s what these anti-God elites bet on. They thought they could publicly worship a false god and Satan and we wouldn’t see because we knew the Games would be woke. Well we saw it and it’s evil.

Worst Week’s Post- You Can Be Arrest For Sharing A Meme

I’m cheeky again this week. These posts are bad because of them not supposed to be existing. Someone was literally arrested for sharing a meme. You can see it below.

Swastika of “Pride”

Now the reason I can’t link the Tweet is because Laurence’s Twitter account was locked for posted that and he had to delete it to get his account unlocked. I still haven’t unlocked my account for telling the truth about jab genocide. I still might make a new one. I’m less pragmatic than Laurence. I’m happy to be locked rather than wrongly admit to lying and unlock my account.

Anyway, both videos are worth a watch. In any case, a free society shouldn’t arrest people for sharing memes. And you know what that means, we aren’t in a free society. At least the swastika isn’t banned in the UK unlike some parts of Australia. I don’t think they like us showing their true symbol.

Also, it’s good to see both twisted religious symbols into symbols of sin combined, it shows you reality. Never forget that the rainbow is a symbol of God’s mercy and the swastika is a Buddhist (although Buddhism is a false religion) symbol for peace and how they’ve both been turned into symbols of evil.

20 Words or Less- Speak Up

It’s always time to speak up and have your voice heard. Bad things happen when cowardice sets in.

Sources (In order of use)


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