Some Of Us Are Sane; SSMR

Well some of us are sane and some certainly aren’t. Let’s see why.

  1. PVO Has A Go At Theology
  2. Chairman Dan Lies, The Sun Rises In The East; This Is News?
  3. Masks Disappear In More Ways Than One
  4. What Carbon Are We Reducing Again?
  5. MASkS sAVE LIves (Not!)
  6. Red Sky, Very High On Doomsdayism
  7. Very Stupid Is Stupid
  8. Worst Week’s Post- Just Slightly Dumber Than The Rest
    1. Words Used Improperly- 9/10
    2. Insults- 3/10
    3. Intersection Crossover/s- 10/10
  9. 20 Words or Less- Don’t Be Tricked
  10. Sources (In order of use)

PVO Has A Go At Theology

Well truly thank God that we don’t get out theology from non-Christian and dare I say anti-Christian, PVO. Now ScoMo’s works reek of hypocrisy but that’s all. What he said is actually true.

I’ve planned to write about ScoMo’s speech but I haven’t got around to it. I’ll try and link it here when I do.

The point is that the Left is pissed off that ScoMo dares to point out how our trust should be in God and not in institutions. Now the Left wouldn’t want that trust in them. They deliberately misconstrue ScoMo’s words as against institutions because they don’t want to admit that the trust Christians have in God is not the same as trust in a chair or institution.

Our trust in God as Christians is that God is where our security, hope and eternity is. Now the Left wants you to not ever have that kind of trust or they want that to be put in them.

So the Left attack ScoMo as a wacko who doesn’t believe in government; strange because this man was Prime Minister. They point that out wrongly as hypocrisy because they don’t want to convey the true meaning of his words. As I said, the hypocrisy was that ScoMo didn’t follow what he said (forcing poisonous jabs, cowering to dictatorial premiers and chief minister and promoting abortion), not what the Left claims that he said; which is just having a government.

PVO has a go at Margaret Court (of all people), to quote him because she dares to be a Christian and say homosexuality is sinful, marriage is between a man and a woman, etc. Funny how all these Lefties get upset over all this if they think this is all some fairy tale nonsense. It proves what is written in Romans right that all know God and know also we are under His wrath for sin; Atheism is pretend on a mass scale.

Chairman Dan Lies, The Sun Rises In The East; This Is News?

Yep, that’s Chairman Dan. He’s a thoroughly nasty piece of work. He’s always been a dictator but he won’t go because Victorians are under his spell.

Masks Disappear In More Ways Than One

We all know these mask lovers are hypocrites; they only love forcing others to wear them. I’ve also seen one similar for Albo where he wears a mask in a medical setting in Australia but not in the Pacific Islands.

What Carbon Are We Reducing Again?

I’ve see this quote before. I’m not sure who said it first but it’s true.

MASkS sAVE LIves (Not!)

I’ve seen some dumb stuff from people wearing masks, involving masks. I’ve seen people take off masks to smoke but I haver never seen someone smoke whilst wearing a mask, with the cigarette just protruding out of side of the mask. Not only is this stupid and grossly unhealthy, this man could ignite the mask. What a clown!

Red Sky, Very High On Doomsdayism

Things are so crazy right now, it doesn’t surprise me that someone wants to eat before they die. The only thing to add would be to quickly put on a mask because there’s a new variant; Pink Rona. And things are so crazy (and serious) too, I just had to add this, just to lighten things up; very punny.

Very Stupid Is Stupid

PR Guy wrote some dumb stuff this week but this takes the precedence and it’s almost as bad as the next post. As I’ll talk about next, why qualify the word “women” with the word “trans” if “trans women” are “women”. That’s logically, not factually, equivalent to saying ’round circles’ are ‘circles’. If the thing is the thing, why qualify it? The answer is because, although they don’t want to admit it, they’re using just as bit of reality; the next post will go more into this issue.

Worst Week’s Post- Just Slightly Dumber Than The Rest

There was some dumb stuff this week and this just happens to be the worst. I’m going to do something different. I’ll judge it using woke points.

Words Used Improperly- 9/10

This is 9/10. The whole post is about language and using the term “birthing parent” or the real word “mother” so there’s some points there for meta. Also, when language “evolves and changes”, it doesn’t happen by a small group of people completely swapping words, let alone changing things on the basis of something not even within the bounds of reality. So no, “birthing parent” is not “more realistic”.

When language changes, our words may shift meaning or use a different word or phrase to describe the same concept. That’s not happening here. If “trans men”, which is already telling you that the people are not men (but women), due to the qualifier “trans”, then it shows you the same is happening to the word “mother”. If the word “man” included women who say they are men, then why can’t the same happen for mother?

Why does “mother” have to be a term only for women? Why can’t the term “evolve” to include all people who have babies (hint, it already does)? Oh and what is a woman? Honestly, there’s no point trying to find some sort of internal logic for this crazy wokery, it doesn’t have that, let alone have any basis in actual logic. But because of these crazies inadvertently admitting that there is such a thing as actually gender because they hate on gendered language, a point is deducted because she made some sense.

Insults- 3/10

This is poor. Where are the insults? Right wing? Fascist? Conspiracy theorist? No insults. But the all caps for a part insulted me enough for her to earn some points there.

Intersection Crossover/s- 10/10

This is a perfect score. Moving from language to destruction of reality to her making her pale as a piece of paper write about Aboriginals and not only that but saying “genocide” and calling them “MY PEOPLE”.

You are destroying language as I described above if the changes are not natural and also in line with reality. You can also “destroy” a language by not speaking it; that’s not genocide but of course points here for the genocide lie promulgation and its incorrect application. Also, I’d love to see whether Claire can point to some over things being destroyed just because it was made illegal.

Also, points here for sneakily changing the context of the word “language” since she is no referring to language as a whole and not the phrases, words and meaning of a language. Overall, strong points for an unnecessary dive into complicated but certainly the certainly intersectional area of Aboriginals.

20 Words or Less- Don’t Be Tricked

God is God, no matter what. You can see what’s happening. Don’t feel tricked into thinking you’re the crazy one.

Sources (In order of use)


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