Is There A Shift?; SSMR

Maybe there was a shift in things this week or at least some good news. Roe v Wade has been overturned in the USA, meaning abortion is up to the states to keep or ban. It’s not a ban for everyone but it will ensure less abortions occur. Praise God for more life made in His image living! Let’s see what else happened this week too in this social media review; that rhymed too.

  1. Whose Line Was It Anyway?
  2. Q-antas
  3. Who Are The Real Terrorists?
  4. What’s Colonialism?
  5. YOU Must Read This
  6. Never Forget… But What Exactly?
  7. Clowns
  8. Worst Week’s Post- What Does This Decision Actually Mean?
  9. 20 Words or Less- Work To Be Done After Abortion Ruling
  10. Sources (In order of use)

Whose Line Was It Anyway?

Maybe it’s you that doesn’t get things, Ali. You’re failed Labor candidate whose lost to Peter Dutton twice. And you also hypocritically don’t understand batteries and storage either. They both fail to store raw electricity at its full amount for long enough.

Maybe you don’t know this Ali but energy, particularly electricity, needs to move. You can’t keep it still. That’s kind of the point. Once energy is generated, it is very hard to store.

So you can store coal but you can’t store wind or sun. And you can’t store the electricity created from that. So it’s the Lefty same old lie… whoops… line that you’re using.


I mean who even flies with Qantas anyway? Seriously, they are the most virtue signalling Australian company, just in front of Woolworths. They like to woke it up for the Abos, gays and climate nuts but they also hold buildings on “Aboriginal land”, fly to/via countries with the death penalty for homosexual acts and splurge fossil fuels. But there’s a perfect way to sum up and it’s one of the few times The Project did anything right.

Who Are The Real Terrorists?

I asked for proof and I got none. Welcome to typical left-wing Twitter where the Twits roam without a care in the world for facts. Wanting freedom isn’t terrorism. But we should check in his favourite Victoria to see if there’s any person or organisation who forced people to cower in their homes in fear, attack civilians and destroy jobs. Any names?

What’s Colonialism?

This is typical left-wing trolling and I don’t mean prank trolling. I mean use of hideous slander and falsehoods. Colonising doesn’t have anything to do with acknowledging an award and the work of colleagues. But the Left never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

YOU Must Read This

I don’t have to add too much. Benny has it summed up perfectly. We can see Joe Biden isn’t running America; He is a puppet. You can draw your own conclusions as to who’s really in power.

Never Forget… But What Exactly?

First to Chris Minns. What part of what Uncle Dom said is hypocritical because that is certainly what is implied by Chris Minns? He is absolutely right on this and I’ve called out Uncle Dom’s hypocrisy whenever it pops up but this isn’t own of those moment.

This energy crisis around the world is right correctly caused by an ideological war. Evil people want to rid us of our electricity, not because of any good reason but because they want to deprive us of our independence. Then they pretend it’s to protect the environment. This is an idol made up and these people put God and humans (who are made in the image of God) last in their list of priorities. Then there are those who actually care about people and you do that, you need electricity. It’s just too bad that Uncle Dom is on the evil side but his words are truthful; it’s a war for what matters.

Now for Mister Blister, well, let’s actually hold Uncle Dom to those words. Let’s never forget. Not the way that Mister Blister wants but the actual way. Uncle Dom failed to live up to his Christian and conservative values. Never forget that. Meanwhile this Lefty Twit wants to hold up these words against Uncle Dom because “orange man bad”, even though Uncle Dom is doing exactly what these Lefties want.


Yep, These people are clowns. All the US Supreme Court did is say that the states should decided whether they should kill babies via abortion, though I repeat myself. And that happens to mean that some states, thus voters, don’t want to do that and others will. Abortion is, sadly, not illegal. But what this decision means is that people won’t be forced to provide services that they deem and are, immoral.

Clowns… abortions. Hmm… That reminds of something.

Worst Week’s Post- What Does This Decision Actually Mean?

As Joe Biden would say (and because he appears in this Tweet), this is a bunch of malarkey. For those who speak English and not Bidenise, that basically means bullshit. Why would some states making abortion illegal increase deaths, particularly mothers? It wouldn’t. Abortions are not safe and are very dangerous to the mother, leaving many unable to have children ever again; let alone the taking of the baby’s life.

Voting Republican may be handing your sister a death sentence but if you vote Democrat, you won’t have a sister because she was killed in the womb and you may be dead too. He really set himself up with that one. But of course, voting Republican doesn’t entail a death sentence.

Also, it’s hilarious that he says “maternal deaths” since that says there is a mother and thus a baby. These people are wonderfully transparent. They are admitting that they are killing babies.

20 Words or Less- Work To Be Done After Abortion Ruling

There’s been an answer to prayer but the work doesn’t end here. We have to keep fighting for babies’ rights.

Sources (In order of use)


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