Albo’s Australia; SSMR

This is Albo’s Australia’s. This is Biden’s American. This is Boris’ Britain. This is heck.

The Treasurer We Didn’t Have To Have

This is a joke, right? This is satire, surely. How can someone believe that studying Australia’s most arrogant politician (just edging out Kevin Rudd and Malcolm Turnbull), make them qualified in the less but to be treasurer? Oh and as for mean girl Katy Gallagher, don’t get me started.

Twitter really is full of Twits. This is why our agenda as a nation needs to not be set by Labor and Greens shills.

The Real Albo

It’s Albo. What happened to Mr ‘New Suit N Glasses’? Whilst the Left praise the down to earth Albo, they typically live in their own room full of mirrors, thus projection and hypocrisy.

The Left seems to forget how Albo staged photoshoots and mocked the Right for pointing this fact out. Then they mocked ScoMo, who is not means a person on the Right, for his down to earth shots and his pre-planned photo-ops. If the next three years is the Left in a never ending condescension tizz, things are not going to be fun.

The Real Rhys

Labor stooge Rhys Muldoon had a weigh in on the snap of Albo too. Let’s all remind him to sick to Play School and not politics.

I love the hilarity of the cover these people do for Albo. The man has done bugger all for three years, caught a famous version of the sniffles and had to answer some questions from an impotent media. Clap, clap, clap. You’re going to have to do a bit more than that in order to earn our unending adulation.

Nowhere here have I dismiss that Albo has a right to look like this. I don’t really care at all. What I care about is the covering and the hypocrisy. Don’t cover for something that’s apparently normal. Don’t also be like Albo and be such a massive hypocrite with all the staged photoshoots if that’s not who you really are.

It’s also so funny how Rhys goes on about the “right wing” in the Labor Party as if it is an actual wing. Does he know about birds and their wings? They’re supposed to be balanced. If one is larger than the other, well let’s just say that the bird is going nowhere.

So what does this mean? The Labor Party has no right-wing, just people not fully commies. They have no one who aligns themselves with conservatism and if they did, it would kind of defeat the purpose of a left-wing party. In any case, actual right-wing Labor members, are few and far between and we can see only a glimpse of that they really support during conscience votes, such as the one on marriage. So, there really isn’t a wing for Albo to beat back but just a few hanger-er-on-ers who think this is Hawke’s 80s.

Oh and back to the balancing of the wings, if Labor did have a proper right-wing, then he’d have to work with and not destroy it, right? So either way, Rhys has got things very, very wrong.

The Murdoch media line is a go to for the Lefties who have no actual arguments. Like I said, the media is impotent and any questions for Albo should be easy peasy, even for the anti-Labor types at News Corp. This idea that Murdoch is propagandising for the Liberals and against Labor is just nonsense, there is no really difference between the parties anyway.

Oh and no, Albo really beat nothing, seeing as he lead his party to another record low primary (first preference) vote in the House of Representatives. This nation vote percentage (32.80%) is less than Bill Shorten’s stuff-up in 2019 when Labor lost to ScoMo’s Liberals and just a couple of points higher than when Chris Watson’s Labor formed minority government in 1904 after election back in 1903 but then lost a no confidence motion. For comparison, Labor has lost an election achieving just over 50% of the national primary vote. For a modern example, Juliar’s draw with the Coalition back in 2010 was at 37.99% of the primary vote. So much for that national support against all the foes that he’s ‘beaten’, it’s hardly a ringing endorsement. I’ll stop there before I bore you with more stats.

Illegal Immigrants Are More Important To Labor Than Law Abiding Citizens

Illegal immigrants, please stay, say Labor. Law abiding sportstar, please leave, say Labor. That’s all you need to know.

How To Count

I’ve written about this issue with Mark Rex before but I don’t think that he quite gets it. There is nothing strange with how the AEC runs elections. Everything is above board, I was a scrutineer. I know what happened. So let me explain things simply for how things work for the House of Representatives.

Firstly, all the formal votes are tallied up. We get to see who gets what number of primary (first preference votes).

Then, there is a estimated two-candidate or two-party preferred count. That is where the top two candidates, as the AEC determines like Mark said but can be changed depending on circumstances, have the remaining votes distributed between them. How so? All votes not for the top candidates all looked over to see which of the two top candidates is higher and then they are placed in that pile for the two-candidate count.

Finally, the ‘real’ count occurs. This is where everything is reset and all votes are counted to see if any candidate has 50% or more first preference votes. If not, the candidates with the lowest votes is eliminated and then their votes go whoever is next (i.e. second) and for later stages, has not been eliminated (if they have, the vote goes to the next available candidate according to how people voted). The process then repeats if there is no candidate with 50% of the votes or more until such a condition arises. This is potentially where there is there could be the chance that “another party has enough preferences to jump over one of the TPP”. That is where the rankings of the candidates change, specifically the top two from the initial two candidate count, so that there is at least one different candidate in the top two than there was before. Topher Field made a good video on how this count works but only his remake is on YouTube after he made some modifications out of his own desires and because the AEC didn’t like that he didn’t have an official political disclaimer. In any case, you can watch the video here.

I Stand With Democracy

I literally laughed when I saw #IStandWithDan trending on Twitter. Is this still going around? Do people really admire this brute?

Also, once again, I have to point out that the media is impotent and left-wing. Lefties, stop claiming the media is against you, they take your side on everything. They didn’t ask one single difficult question of Chairman Dan during Victoria’s several lockdowns.

So, it would not be in spite of the media if Chairman Dan continues in because they are the ones in fact who are cheering him on. I’m so sick and tired of this media line going around by Lefties, this myth needs to die. Oh and for the record, I stand with democracy.

Title Signalling

I was hoping to get a James Macpherson Tweet on this issue but he wrote about a different sports issue instead. Anyway this is just plain ridiculous. How is removing women’s titles changing anything? It’s not. It is just a complete waste of time virtue signalling for a virtue that I do not even know. Things are getting crazy and getting crazy really fast.

Oh and before anyone complains that the men don’t have titles and that this is just making things equal, women can have three different titles (Mrs, Ms and Miss) and actually four if we include the titles of doctor or professor. So having their titles is completely necessary when men can have only one; Mr (excluding the ones I mentioned before).

Worst Week’s Post- Open Borders For All?

There were some really good, well, bad, contenders for the worst post of the week. Either the Left are emboldened by Abo’s win or I just haven’t delved deep enough to their cesspool which is full of exactly what that container is supposed to hold. But hey, this one just takes the cake.

There are three things, I’d like to say. The GIF says one of them.

One point, is Julie an anarchist? Does she not believe in laws and borders? It doesn’t matter if someone looks to be a risk of not. When you come to Australia, you follow the rules or you end up on gaol/jail or leave. Whatever help someone needs does not entitle them to jump the cue by coming here illegally.

Another point is, what has boats coming to Australia got anything to do with anything? Oh and they started way before 1788 if she knew her history. But in other news, I think she just opened up her home to everyone who has a sob story because no one could ever have bad motives. Oh wait, she only wants everyone else to take them in and deal with the consequences, oh well, typical. I thought I could be “escaping violence & persecution” by her taking me in but she doesn’t want to. Now this is all a hypothetical response and she hasn’t said she’d take people in but I’m yet to see a Lefty be consistent with their open borders views.

20 Words or Less- Turn To God

We must reject the lies shown to us and turn to God. Don’t believe the propaganda of any government.

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