Election Week; SSMR

Well we’ve had an election week and people replaced blue shit with red shit. That’s all we’re thinking about at the moment.

‘ScoMo Bad’, The Mob Bays

‘ScoMo bad, Albo good’, chants the sheeple. They literally have nothing positive to say. I get ScoMo is crap but so is Albo. You don’t change the country by changing the colour tie the Prime Minister wears. This all jut proves the Left’s hypocrisy. They love Albo’s cringey anicdotes but they hound ScoMo.

ABC Not Left-Wing Enough?

So true. Twitter really hates when the ABC isn’t rabidly left-wing.

Jim The Vax Man

Well, well, well; look what I found. Look what was pushed by a supposedly pro-freedom company. The Tweet replies tell you all that you need to know.

Truth On Q&A?

That’s the truth. I wonder why the ABC let her on?

Election Outcome

Well it’s not a surprise but its’ very sad. This is what mass formation delivers. Well done, sheeple; not!

Who Needs COVID-19 When You Have Monkeypox

Why would we need COVID-19 restrictions when Monkeypox is the new go-to disease? It’s going to be heck either way with Albo.

Made-up Pronouns For Kids?

Facts. Things are getting more and more crazy.

Worst Week’s Post- A Note To Craig Kelly

This is just a bad post from a bad night. Apparently, this person who describes themselves as “Left – former researcher – tweeting funny, interesting…science; PC or not. I despise politicians. Don’t like it? Follow someone else #LGBT Get Vaccinated 💉” doesn’t appear to like Craig Kelly. I’m not sure why, not! It’s clear she’s one of those anti-Christians.

20 Words or Less- Remember All Things

This election is bad for Australians. However, our hope is in God. Remember both.

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