Tiring News; SSMR

Is it just me or is every week get more a more tiring in the news? Whether it’s Ukraine & Russia, the Australian election or something crazy in the USA, it’s a lot to take in. Let’s try and deal with it, aye?

We Did Nazi This Coming And If We Did, It Would Be Banned

Yeah, as if I trust Chairman Dan to ban swastikas in good faith. Maybe he should ban lockdowns rather than a symbol made up of lines. To put someone in gaol for a year for a swastika is typical of the tyrannical government of Chairman Dan.

The Governments Are The Real Abusers

That’s exactly right. Will this apply to politicians? And it’s perfect projection and hypocrisy to talk about coercive control when it is them who has performed that and worse.

Oh and by the way, coercive control is just a made up phrase used to potentially criminalise a load of behaviours depending who who interprets things. Abuse is abuse and must be prosecuted but coercive control does not meet that standard. So I suggest that the Queensland Government and Annastacia Palaszczuk take a look in the mirror first.

Also, to use the slippery slope argument that so-called coercive control behaviours lead abuse and so therefore, must be punished, is just plain hypocritical. You can’t use that argument if you dismiss that same argument in different cases such as how segregation can lead to genocide. Either you use it or you don’t.

Labor Jokes

Lol. Check out the rest of Brian Mitchell’s Tweets; they’re pretty funny like this one. For people who say the joke is sexist, I don’t want to hear another joke about fathers turning all the lights off or being incompetent parents. I’m not saying the joke is sexist but you can’t be hypocritical and say one group can have jokes made about them and the other not.

One More Week

I was there. It wasn’t as big or as energetic as the previous rallies. I think we’re all tired but we just have one more week. Just one more week to fight for freedom. If we lose, we can go in peace knowing that we did all that we could. If we win, we can relax and celebrate a return to true freedom. Now a win is not gaining all 151 lower house seats and every senate seat up for election. However, it is getting a substantial number to ensure that the freedom parties have the total balance of power.

Now to Dr. Stephen Chavura. He’s 100% right, this is our chance to ensure the voice of freedom is heard. Make sure that you keep listening to the wise words of this man; he can summarise an idea far better than me.

What Does It Mean?

… Absolutely nothing. Move along now; move along.

Conspiracy Theory

It’s what we’ve all been saying about arts for years. Except, this time, they’re indoctrinating kids. Oh and yes, we should actually be talking about these true issues; they’re not conspiracy theories, as Don Jr. pointed out.

Crazy Charles

Should we really be surprised? Prince Charles has always been a greenie nutter; so it’s no surprise that Charles would think that ‘nice Swiss guy at the WEF has a wonderful idea to fix the planet’ or something like that. Perhaps this is why the Queen is holding on as long as she can to prevent this takeover by the WEF via her son?

Worst Week’s Post- Who Are Abusers?

Oh please, get off it. These are the same people supporting state dictatorships but suddenly have a problem when it’s ScoMo. I really don’t understand how someone can be against abuse but then want someone else who also abuses but wears a red tie. The only understanding I come to is that they don’t mind abuse as long as the leader wears a red tie.

20 Words or Less- Don’t Tire of God

Though we may tire with the world, we must never tire in our faith and devotion to God.

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