The Mess; SSMR

It’s been another week of drama and of course, mess. Oh and there’s an election campaign going on. But blue tie vs red tie doesn’t matter to me. My mind has been made up already.

The Narrative Challenged

This is exactly what needs to happen here in Australia and around the world. The burden of proof is on the government to prove that the unpoisoned actually spread COVID-19 more than the poisoned. In the midst of this election campaign, don’t forget what the government was and is doing to us using the justification of COVID-19.

Paedophiles Are Everywhere

Sadly this is real. It was certainly a competitor the worst post of the week.

True Unity

James Macpherson is right. There is no “church” unity. Why? As he implied, all that’s left of so-called “churches” are organisations. Which is why, there is only unity in the true Church, the body of believers.

Albo Has No Clue

UAP candidate for Greenway, Max Rex, is right. When will Anthony Albanese properly answer a question? Let alone an answer to paying back our debt.

Who Are The Expensive Protestors?

That’s exactly right, James. What about the actually violent BLM who destroyed thousands of buildings in the USA? What’s the cost of their damage? None of the so-called “Anti-vax” protestors in Canberra were violent; I know, I was there. It bring me to quote below what I wrote on 24 July 2021 about anti-lockdown protests.

If these anti-lockdown protestors were from the BLM, the media would call this a mostly peaceful protest, scream about police brutality and take their side. But it’s not a BLM protest, so I’ll get to the point.

I think we can be mature enough now after a year and a half of this to look after both the sick and the healthy. It’s not an either/or. We can have both. We don’t have to label one side as wanting to kill grandma and the other one as 1984-esque fascists. Let’s have a democratic discussion about this. Democracy sorts out the good and bad ideas. If lockdown really is the best option, it will stand up to the criticism. But it cannot stand alone as the best idea without having a debate with opposing views and then winning that debate.

About 50,000 Sydneysiders turned up to the CBD to show that they have a different view to the NSW Government. These people went out to potentially catch a virus so apparently deadly that the government tries to lock all of us into our homes because of it; not to mention fines and potentially being arrested. Either these protestors are ignorant, stupid or have valid points to make. And we won’t know if their ideas are valid if we don’t give the time of day to debate their ideas

Provide For Your Children

I agree. This is 100% right.

Don’t Vote For Liberal, Labor or Greens

Wow. The ever courteous Joel Jammal has a question refused to be answered on camera by a Liberal senator. These people are laughing at us. Look how poorly they treat Joel who had the manners to ask to record a question. But Marise Payne refused to answer the question about vaccine mandates and how the Federal Government provides the data to make it possible.

This is why we need to vote the major parties right at the bottom. Vote for freedom parties like UAP, One Nation and the Liberal Democrats at the top.

Worst Week’s Post- Funny

Well I’ve been cheeky and for the first time I’ve put my own social media posts in the social media review. However, I had to do it because of the large amount of content it contains. Also, once again, it’s not the post or the poster that has made it the worse post but the content.

So, what has Evelyn done? Well I chose the Tweet version of this video instead of linking the YouTube video so you can what I wrote. Evelyn Rae is a hypocrite. She goes on and one about being nice but she’s really not. So watch the video and see the truth.

20 Words or Less- Don’t Be Distracted

Don’t be led astray by the things that distract you. Go straight to God and don’t listen to lies.

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