Easter Displays Our Need For Truth; SSMR

It’s Easter time and you know what that means? It’s another week but this week there is a key focus on the source of things. Let’s dive into not only what this week but what happened 2000 years ago.

Why Is It Good Friday?

This is one of the most important messages of Easter; the issue of sin. We are all sinners and if we don’t understand that, why Jesus died will always be foolish to us.

Incompetency Is The Middle Name For Politicians

This truly shows the major party leaders have no clue about any thing they talk about or at least pretend to. Vote out these incompetent people. Or at least ask if they know now. Hopefully Chris Bowen won’t ignore the question like Anthony Albanese.


I wouldn’t even bother with someone like Jane Caro. We all know what a woman is. Let her waddle around Twitter where they like screaming about such topics.

Photos For War?

Ukraine? That’s still a thing? Apparently so and we also apparently needed a photo shoot to prove it. There truly is something odd about this war.

Vaccine Side Effects On TV?

The mainstream media knows that it can’t hide what’s happening with the poison any longer. Those of us who have known that the COVID-19 vaccine was poisonous have been highlighting what has happened to previous fit sportsmen and women all over the world. It’s only because it’s footy season now in Australia that the media can’t hide all the issues any more.

I also love the irony of them all saying that they’re not experts about the vaccine after they just casually suggested that things should be looked into as if it was normal to just mass vaccine people with an experiment and that safety is an appropriate after-thought whilst forgetting their promotion of such a vaccine almost a year ago. They’re fools.

In addition, the fact that this whole situation of vaccine effects has been normalised by the media shows exactly how people like me knew things would pan out. It’s textbook example of a tactic from 1984 called doublethink. What is that? It’s where multiple contradictory ideas are purported as true, ubiquitous and mainstream. It means that governments and powerful institutions can modify their agenda and propaganda as the real facts become harder to hide without admitting they’re ever wrong.

One example of such doublethink is the following:

  • COVID-19 vaccines are safe and effective
  • COVID-19 vaccines do not prevent transmission
  • COVID-19 vaccines are mandatory in many areas to protect people
  • COVID-19 vaccine do have side effects that people are aware of and are responsible for

As you can see, one part of doublethink can be phasing out old lines, such as the “safe and effective” line. When was the last time you heard that one? Meanwhile side effect mentions are increasing in reference to the COVID-19 as if everyone knew this was happening. This is the entire point of doublethink. It disorientates you but makes every single idea ubiquitous so that you are ostracised if you don’t comply.

Dangerous Idea

Peter Hitchens is on point was this speech. If only he truly went one step further into truly trusting Jesus; firstly by forsaking the COVID-19 vaccines.

Jesus Is Truth

Once again James Macpherson uses his wonderful writing skills to paint us a wonderful picture. He shows us how truth has been destroyed by horrible people seeking to destroy life and language. Then remember that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life and He was crucified on a cross. This shows how all of these issues are core to everything and we must remove the wrong things promoted by this world.

Worst Week’s Post- Twitter Is Twitter

This is hilarious. These Twitter whiners love the ABC for its massive left-wing bias and. This, thus caters specifically to these Twits. But whenever an ABC presenter or the organisation itself doesn’t follow the left-wing script, they all freak out and panic.

Usually, the ABC isn’t left enough for Twitter when Leigh Sales dares to not harass a Coalition figure on 7:30 but this week’s whinge was targeted at Fauziah Ibrahim. Why? She dared to have lists of Twitter accounts which which called “Labor Trolls/Thugs” and “Lobotomised Shitheads”.

The Twits all went into full panic mode an suddenly remembered the ABC had something it was supposed to adhere to called impartiality. Except, as we all know these hypocritical Twits have no problem with ignoring impartiality when the ABC is left-wing.

Also, I just realised that I didn’t even mention directly this Twit’s name or specifically responded to what they said in this whole piece. Hmm… I think it proves the irrelevance of Twits. So whilst this is a typical Twitter storm in a tea cup, it lightens up my day.

20 Words or Less- Jesus’ Sacrifice

Jesus is Lord of all. He sacrificed His life for out sins. We should remember and accept that gift.

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