We Had Another Week; SSMR

I limit my time for reviewing the week’s news until the day I post it, Saturday? Why? Every week the world goes a little more insane and I think maybe reading it makes us a little more insane too. Maybe that’s why I’m not so sharp with the titles any more. In any case, what happened this week?

Please Keep Embarrassing Yourselves

The homosexual agenda, please keep embarrassing yourselves. This is the stuff of parody and satire. Remember when groups like Stonewall were all about homosexuals just living their lives? Well clearly we have seen these groups for what they really are. It’s not only that we had to tolerate their sin but we are also to tolerate the inversion of reality. The fact that these people are boycotting an event designed specifically for them proves ridiculous.

It’s such an irony to cancel an event because of an apparent lack of recognition of transgender people when transgenderism ignores the gender dichotomy that is required for gay, lesbians and bisexuals. The fact that these people define equality as recognition of insanity and discrimination as recognition of sanity, shows how we must continue to expose the agenda of these groups.

I also had to quote this particular accounts’ tweet because I just found their bio that would normally be considered insane but it’s apparently normal now, this person identifies as a dog but uses male pronouns. What the heck?

Gutless Albo

Anthony Albanese he is an arrogant person. If you haven’t worked this out by now I’m not sure what planet you’re on. He refuses to take a single question from a voter and a polite one at that. None of these PM candidates from the Liberal and Labor parties are fit for office.

Vaccine Or Not?

If this was not one of the single most crucial piece of vaccine information, I’m not sure what qualifies as important. Now none of this is make saying that it’s the only important piece of information but it is particularly crucial when we talk about what actually is a vaccine. If a vaccine isn’t preventing you from catching or spreading a disease, it’s not a vaccine. However, we know clearly from recent experience over the past year and a bit, that this is not a vaccine but a poison. Let me be clear for those at the back, a COVID-19 vaccine is not a vaccine but a poison.

I Thought It Was All About Consent

Seriously. Where is the consent in this? If there is consent well I suppose that’s fine but if I just going to start jabbing people without consent, that is a problem. I don’t know if I ever have a surgery again but if I do I don’t know if I should ask to not be given the jab and then maybe they’ll give it to me or do I actually need to say that so that they actually won’t give the jab to me. I really don’t know what else to say in this one.

This Was Not Eggcellent & Not Because We Did Nazi This Coming

How exactly is Craig Kelly a Nazi? I genuinely have no idea apart from the fact that it seems to be the go-to insult for anyone who is not telling the truth towards those who do tell the truth because the only way to silent someone and not have a reasonable debate is to call them a Nazi. I actually wrote a little piece on that and I’ll link that here to where I talk a little bit more about that. I just want to say though that Craig Kelly’s son has Down Syndrome and I’m not sure if you know but the Nazis they didn’t like anyone with disabilities, let’s just put it that way.

Elon Musk Blocks Someone

Yeah, this was news this week. Elon Musk bought a large stake in Twitter. Will he actually make it a free speech platform or is this another one of his wonderfully crafted publicity stunts?

However, to address the two Tweets, I have thoughts. Elon Musk shouldn’t be blocking people. As I’ve said multiple times, blocking is the height of cowardice. It shows that you can’t even deal with some words from someone on a screen over the Internet.

So, no, it matters not whether Elon Musk is a “private citizen” or not. It doesn’t even matter that he is a coward but that he’s a hypocrite for calling for free speech but blocking people. It also matters not that he hasn’t kicked someone off Twitter either. However, if this is just another example of the pro-Musk fan club, nothing will sway them.

Women Are…?

Yep, James has it on point once again. There really is nothing more to add here. Apart from… Come on not again. This is not funny this is just insanity. A woman is an adult female human who has XX chromosomes, end of story.

Worst Week’s Post- Murder Is Murder

Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to heck. Why are we here again? It’s because the lefty loonies are at it again with something more insane than usual. So Oklahoma has banned murder of unborn children, unless the mother’s life is at risk. That is actually reasonable. Now I’m not saying that you should just kill a baby just because it’s putting the mother’s life risk but I can understand that there needs to be some option there because there really is something life-threatening at stake. I’m not saying do it but it is something that is hard but needs to be thought through. The fact that George is implying the mockery of murder and questioning why it is illegal is ridiculous.

The bill in Tennessee had nothing to do with making child marriage legal. The fact that the lefty loonies were trying to find a loophole in this piece of legislation shows how hypocritical they are. For all the time when marriage was not properly legally defined as between a man and a woman, they didn’t go out and try to marry a man and a man or a woman and a woman But when a piece of legislation doesn’t mention an age that’s apparently not okay.

Yet another hypocrisy occurs these same people want to indoctrinate kids with sexual propaganda but they’re not fine with those kids who are capable of producing reproducing (because they have passed puberty) marrying but they find with teaching them all the sexual propaganda. It makes no sense why they want to teach them all this sexual propaganda they don’t want to encourage them to have those acts fulfilled in marriage. Also, all this bill does is to ensure that marriage is defined between one man and one woman and that’s the end of the story.

I’ve had enough of this “don’t say gay: nonsense, we had it in Florida and I didn’t say anything because it’s not an Australian issue but the fact that this is added to this Tweet shows that this person doesn’t actually care about reality but wants to make everything into a three word slogan that fires up the homosexual agenda and makes them push back on reasonable legislation which stops children being indoctrinated with sexual propaganda. None of these bills are saying that you cannot say the word gay, that’s just ridiculous.

I mean this is a little bit of projection here when he says that he’s missing some more “f*ckery” and yes, what you wrote is all dumb, George.

20 Words or Less- Read The Bible

If we all read the Bible rather than propagandise ourselves, we’d at least have a society to fight for.

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