Do We Live On Planet Dumb?; SSMR

Some things are obvious to some people. Some are apparently not. What is a woman? Do Christians understand that sin is wrong and leads to death? These questions and more shall me answered in this week’s review.

We Need To Talk About False Christians

Dr Stephen is absolutely right here. We as the Christian Church, that is the body of believers, have failed to condemn the heretics which stood for… well… nothing of use. What they did do was stand by when churches were closed (or closed them themselves), push for and take an immoral COVID-19 vaccine and segregate (no less in churches) and participate in segregation based on the vaccine just mentioned. These are the heretics we must condemn. I have a list, mentally and it will always be there unless that turn back to Christ.

Instead, we have these heretics, pushed by Eternity News who leads the charge of heresy go on about nonsense of several varieties. One is the “conspiracy theorists” claim, that Dr Stephen mentioned. There’s more nonsense that could fill up my entire life responding too.

Eternity have balls though, posting this piece titled “THINGS I’M ASKED: HOW CAN I BE SURE I’M A CHRISTIAN?“. It’s quite ironic. It only mentions repentance at the end and not at all a condition of faith but merely just something we should do so we don’t “journey away from God’s goal”. It’s a nice airy fairy piece designed to quell the disturbed hearts of heretics who don’t want to feel bad that they took an immoral vaccine (and/or any other sin) which led them to this place of heresy.

To continue, this piece by Nick Hawkes says wrongly, “we shouldn’t be paranoid about this that we do it every moment of the day. To do that would simply mean you are living in a state of perpetual fear.” Yes, we should consider everything we do. We are not living in God if we live in sin. And if we do sin, we must repent. If not, we should rightly fear God.

Like he implied, it’s time to call out these false Christians for what they really are. Let’s begin this and ensure that we give everyone every chance to see their sin and repent.

Democracy Manifest?

That’s Evelyn Rae and my Twitter limited response. But I think it sums up the general idea. The whole COVID-19 situation was caused by a dictatorship. If we has democracy, we could affirm our governments’ policies or vote them out.

I have to ask now, what exactly is “generalised thinking”? That we coalesce around people who we agree with and vote for their party (more specifically, a candidate) to represent us? That’s what democracy is. We can’t have referendums for everything.

What if “generalised thinking” groupthink? We all get entranced by a candidate and follow them blindly.

However, I think what the “generalised thinking” Evelyn is meaning is none of the above. It is instead people expressing their opinions and views on the ballot paper by who they vote for. I can see her point as we are both Christians and as such non-Christians, which are the majority of the population, will make wrong choices.

However, that isn’t good enough for me. It isn’t good enough that people vote incorrectly that we should have something other than a democracy. And the only alternative is a dictatorship. Whether you choose one way or the other, you can’t play both sides. As I pointed out, you can’t spend two years railing against a government dictatorship only to say you like dictatorships but not this particular one.

Now, she didn’t have to be hypocritical. She could have said from the start that she did like dictatorships but that these dictatorships were doing it the wrong way. But she didn’t. You have to argue from the principles you hold and not take in every point to use in your argument if you don’t actually agree with it. For example, Islam is a false religion but I don’t take in Atheist ideas to argue with it.

Now what system of government should advocate for as Christians? Well Dr Stephen Chavura has some thoughts on what it should not be and you can watch it below.

So what should we have? Democracy. It allows for humans to live according to their conscience (and free will), allows for people to do different things and ensure that we are doing things for the right reason and not because we are forced to do so. The answer to dictatorships isn’t that their values are necessarily wrong but that they force people to hold them. Read carefully, the forceful nature is just as wrong as any wrong values separate to that force that they use to enforce those values.

Does any of that mean what we should not vote for Christian values? No. All it means is that we should not force those values. Instead, we must fight to the end that we spread the Gospel and promote Christian values everywhere. So, yes, Evelyn, democracy perfect but it’s the best system to take into according sinful human beings.

Twitters, With Twits

I swear some of these people on Twitter aren’t even real. Her (if this person is a her as the bio confuses things) bio reads, “I’m a 50 something 🇦🇺woman into social and environmental justice and want to see us act on climate change , ATHEIST 🇦🇺🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ 🇺🇦 💉💉💉”. I really think most of these accounts are satirical. Who cays if have a bunch of flags in your bio or display the doses of poison that you’ve had? Only the Twitterati.

On ScoMo and the Tweet, let me say something. Kirribilli House is not our house. It isn’t a public place. And we can’t demand him to leave. We don’t have mob rule. Whether she and I want ScoMo gone as PM, that doesn’t matter if we have different motives. To her, ScoMo has been conservative, sexist and not doing enough to protect the climate. To me, ScoMo has criminally let premiers and chief ministers lock the nation down repeatedly (and formulated the first lockdown), adopted Net Zero which will harm the environment and administered poison to our most vulnerable, the elderly and children.

So, is ScoMo part of the #kirribilliHillbillies? Or this just another attempt by Twitter to brand someone who isn’t fully Communist as a weirdo? It’s clearly the later. Just because ScoMo needs to go doesn’t mean we should replace him with who Twitter wants.

Signs of Stupidity

I don’t think Rod Bower has clocked onto how to freedom works. The whole point of freedom is that you’re not restricted. It is an oxymoron to have a “freedom not to” do something. I also note the irony that he has no idea what the referred to bill actually would do. But it doesn’t matter because in Twitterverse, religious freedom equals ‘discriminating gays and trans’.

Also, I know it’s an older Tweet but I’d just thought I’d check in what nonsense he’s written. Oh and he’s moved on to higher places in the false church.

What Is a Woman?

So often the truth is so offensive and apparently the sole ownership of the intelligentsia. Or is it? I don’t have much to say. I’ll let the video do the talking.

The Swimmer, William Thomas Is His Name

Avi has this on point with his satirical take. It’s apparently bigoted to say that men are men, women and women and to have a man compete in a women’s competition give the man an advantage. Which leads me to say, Lia Thomas does not exist. The person who “won” a race in the NCAA is a man and his name is William Thomas. No matter what you say, that is fact.

Sack Them All!

This section of video is exactly what I posted and commented on last week-ish and you can find the video on all my social media accounts. James is right in his analysis. I didn’t get to say a whole lot because I wanted to keep each comment to Twitter length for each of the three clips that I posted (one large clip for YouTube, Facebook and Telegram).

So, yes, in a sense the joke is on us if we listen to the nonsense from the government and the media and comply. Why? As I said, we get fed a dose of fear and then to ease the fears, the fear isn’t addressed but actually fuelled by the measures supposed to address the fears. In a sense, Uncle Dom is telling us, ‘You losers. You listened to the fear mongering and think world is going to end. I know it’s not. But I won’t tell you. I’ll just let you think it does by giving you the measures you want that actually increase fear and ruin your lives.’

I too am looking forward to all the upcoming elections and voting this lot out and hopefully support for the bureaucracy which has allowed and pressed for this tyranny. Sack them all!

Worst Week’s Post- Go Get Stuffed, Swans

Go away, Sydney Swans. That bloke fair and square got the ball that Lance “Buddy” Franklin used to kick his 1000th career goal in the AFL. As far I know in AFL, if a ball goes into the crowd, it is their ball. Why should this be any different? It just seems quite un-Australia to try and take the ball of the man. And what for? Presenting the ball to Buddy? What is this? A boy giving his neighbour’s ball back to him after it went over the fence.

20 Words or Less- Human Life Is Not A Product; Repent!

Taking a COVID-19 vaccine is immoral because it uses human life as a product. Christians, especially, you must repent.

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