Strange World; SSMR

We live in a strange world. We live in world where apparently 2 + 2- 4 is offensive, trains are racist, men are women and Joe Biden is mentally competent. So, what happened this week? Let’s delve into out fallen world through the even more fallen world of social media.

Two Dads?

This is one of the many things wrong with Western Civilisation. We have decoupled the family from the design of God; a mother and a father (a married wife and husband). That is what children need and not two men pretending to be fathers. I understand that not every situation provides that but it must be the first choice. Ripping a baby from a capable mother is cruel and evil.

So James is once again on point to describe this as like these men playing a child-like game. Meanwhile two children’s lives are destroyed.

To Demand Or Not? Is There A Try?

Whilst he doesn’t present as a doctor but rather as a man of the people, Dr. Stephen Chavura is true intellect. He is right to say that demanding things as a way of removing corrupt and evil politicians is futile. But I think it is clear we pursue it regardless.

As he said though, it must not be our focus. We must elect new politicians who will represent the people. As for me, I’m supporting the United Australia Party.

Simple Words; Simple Answer

It’s the greatest media hypocrisy of the 21th century. In successive presidents, there has never been such a massive shift in their coverage of them. But we know this racquet began long ago to protect Joe Biden, it’s how he even got the job as President. Anyway, something is very much an issue now, if it wasn’t before, as we have the Ukraine ‘situation’, to put it lightly.

Men Are Men

Very simple, you ready? Men are men. Women are women.

Satire Is Now Reality

Satire always had some sort of truth to it or it wouldn’t be funny. Now it is truly happening. Why should age be any more of a barrier than gender? Both you can’t change. The only difference is the woke mob haven’t cared… yet.

No… It’s The Jabs

This is another politician lying to you. People in hospitals aren’t having delayed reactions to COVID-19, Mark McGowan. These are poisoned people from poisonous COVID-19 jabs. But people believe the lie because of mass formation psychosis.


I welcome the jokes. And remember the jokes are all on David Koch.

Worst Week’s Post- Eggsellent, Not!

Welcome to heck, again. Ahhhh! Once again the true nature of veganism comes to light. These people want to degrade women to the level of female hens. Humans are not animals and should never be treated as such.

Eating eggs is not wrong. But if you already think humans are animals and believe in the feminism nonsense, it’s perfect. This is peak Twitter, a cesspool of anti-God and human values.

Good on Evelyn for pointing out the obvious facepalms. But I do have to add in James’ reaction too, it’s another well-thought reaction.

20 Words or Less- Jesus Forever

Jesus is our ever present hope. Now and forever. Amen!

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