Don’t Go Russian Into Things; SSMR

Who is right? Does the truth matter? All questions we need to answer in another week of social media responses.

Russia Is Not COVID-19

Um… No, it’s not “clear as day what is going on here.” Why? This is a nuanced issue. You can’t just nail your colours to the mast like that. And the comparisons are not even vaguely similar. This kind of echo chamber thinking is what we freedom movement people are supposed to be against and yet this is happening.

The Ukraine and Russia war is nothing like COVID-19 and to say Ukraine and Ukrainians are bad just because the West supports them is just wrong. I mean honestly, what do these people truly believe in? Tell me which culture is the best culture?

Our fight is meant to be against the New World Order and not against the Western World. Why? Because it was the Western World which displayed the freedoms brought out from the Bible. So we have to make a very clear distinction between the New World Order and its leaders and on the other side, the Western World.

Now are these Western leaders hypocrites for supporting Ukrainian freedom but not the freedom of their own people? Sure. But that doesn’t mean that freedom is bad or supporting it is bad? Of course not. Ironically, however, I’m forced to say it because increasingly those in the freedom movement are opposing institutions and leaders (or at least anything they do) rather than bad ideas; which is poor heuristics.

The point I’m making is what are we fighting for? Because if it’s just these people and the institution, this vindictiveness is wrong let alone even work. But as long as we keep our heads in a similar bubble to the one we in the freedom movement detest, nothing will change. In fact, we will become our own enemies; which leads me to a nice Star Wars quote to end this section.

Don’t Close Yourself Off

I completely disagree. This division is all part of the narrative. Ukraine and Russia isn’t the same as COVID-19, as I just said. It’s just like I Tweeted about before and you can read it below.

I can add an additional sentence about how it is used to divide the freedom movement whether it was intended to or not. I’m going to share Konstantin Kisin’s words because they are so needed right now. We can’t get into this mentality where we only have a “circle”. That’s how easily the elitists can pin us as conspiracy theorists.

To address Evelyn specifically, she has to understand, like I said briefly, this is nothing like the COVID-19 agenda. There isn’t a class of ‘enemies’ which want to lock us down, smother our faces and jab our arms. We have a war between two not so wholly innocent parties and Western governments supporting one side.

So, in a sense, it makes some sense why people would think this way but it’s not actually logical because you can’t say everything the mainstream media puts out is false as that’s simply not true. Why? Because these people aren’t like God and the Devil. It’s not like one is always right and one is always wrong and evil. But when you start to do that with humans and particular groups, you end up in that conspiratorial state. That’s not saying that you shouldn’t lean to a side but this blind loyalty is misplaced.

I’m not sure how much Evelyn knows about the situation but has she read what fellow Caldron Pool writer Road Lampard has said on the topic of Ukraine and Russia? Because there really isn’t the nice ‘goodies’ and ‘baddies’ that she wants to make out that there is.

Echo Chambers Are Not Helpful

It’s more of the same. This time I’ll point out the two elephants in the room; evidence and China.

Where is the evidence that the Russian supports are the wheat and the Ukrainian supporters are the chaff? I mean this is just sheer arrogance. You’re more than welcome to make a bold statement if you have the evidence but you really don’t.

The COVID-19 had two years to come about and so it’s clear who’s on what side. This Ukrainian Russian war is new and so we can’t make those same conclusions.

Also, what if the (PRC) China invades Taiwan (ROC China)? What if the West support Taiwan? Should we support China? I mean this is the sort of nonsense question that I have to ask. Why is supporting Ukraine any difference from supporting Taiwan if in both cases the West supports them?

The only way to make that distinction between to two situations is to say that China is evil and Russia is not or that Ukraine is a puppet for the New World Order and Taiwan is not. Either way, the defining factor is not who supports the ‘weaker’ nation. Which then proves my point earlier that a true defence of Russia can’t be made that they’re fighting the ‘bad’ West because that doesn’t separate the bad governments from the good (in a relative sense) civilisation.

Where Is Kamala?

The USA is run by incompetent fools. This is why so many people prefer Russia despite its many flaws. James Macpherson is once again perfectly one point to describe Kamala Harris and how ridiculous she is. This is what you get when you pick a Vice President based on woke characteristics and not skill.

Trump Was Right

Orange man bad (Donald Trump) was right. Europe should not be dependant on Russian energy, yet it is. Once again, the man the Left railed for being “isolationist” actually had Europe’s best interests at heart.

Nuremberg 2.0?

Craig Kelly is correct here. We need make sure all politicians and bureaucrats at every level are investigated for their role in COVID-19 agenda. But for the link provided, if only Crikey cared about all misuses of police and not ones made by ScoMo.

Opposite Time

This has had the exact opposite response that they imagined. It shows that the Ukraine-Russia war could, in some sense, be faked. It gives credibility to so many conspiracy theorists that there is no war. I’m not agreeing with them but at least it shows that we should be sceptical of very dramatic footage. Here are some Twitter replies which echo my view.

Worst Week’s Post- Is Abortion Murder?

There were some pretty bad posts this week but failing to condemn abortion is quite bad. If nothing else proves to you that Joe Biden isn’t a Christian, this answer will tell you. He can’t even say that he disagrees with the Catholic Church that he claims to be a part of, let alone the Bible which actually is authoritative. Abortion is murder and Joe Biden fails to condemn it. Let’s go Brandon!

20 Words or Less- Truth Matters

Truth is always under attack. We have to stand firm and not give in. Never ever compromise.

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