Too Much Division; SSMR

Well, it’s been a turbulent week and if things weren’t good, they’re now worse. From Australians divided to Australians dead, we’re not in a good spot as a nation.

Friends & Not

This is a Tweet from a British TV producer for the Dan Wootton Tonight show on GB News but the point is universal in Western nations. To our detriment as a society we’re told not to talk about ‘sex and politics’ with friends. Then a once in a generation, let’s just say event, occurs and after most people being united, some clearly different attitudes emerge.

It just proves that not wanting to talk about those serious topics wasn’t actually to prevent arguments but to stifle Christian morality in society. Why? Because once this topic emerged as one in the list of cancellable topics, it failed to be added to the ‘do not talk’ list.

So we have clear proof this was all able dividing people. And yes, we know who our real friends are. I know this from personal experience from both friends and family. In fact, you can read a little something on the issue here.

So merely saying that lockdowns cause more harm than good, vaccines don’t stop transmission and most sick people are elderly and over overweight and have have the jab can lose you friends. And like Lucy said we “Really have learnt who my real friends are the last two years.”

Woolworths; The Anti-Employees With Tweeters; The Evil People

These Twits (shorthand for Tweeters) really don’t know anything about reality, statistics and COVID-19 vaccines, do they? I’ll talk about why we’re boycotting Woolworths in a moment.

Firstly, plenty of people with the jab will boycott Woolworths. Why? They don’t discrimination.

Secondly, you are more likely to have COVID-19 if you’ve had a jab and it’s proportional to the number of doses. You don’t have to think conspiratorially to say that maybe the vaccines are the virus. So if you’re unvaccinated “from” COVID-19, you’re less likely to have the disease. Also too, just because you haven’t had the vaccine doesn’t mean you have the disease.

Thirdly, COVID-19 vaccines don’t stop transmission. So guess what? The unvaccinated aren’t plague rats. Remember who is more likely to have the disease. Even so, I wouldn’t use this language. It’s so dehumanising to call someone a plague rat. But it’s a testament to the cesspit that is Twitter and it’s been worse since COVID-19 because these people thrive off low intelligence, high impact insults.

So what did Woolworths do? Well, they’re sacking all their employees who haven’t had a COVID-19 vaccine. It’s not good enough that they’re woke with everything else and preference those with physical differences then those who are qualified because they have to sack those who won’t participate in their own poisoning. Yet, those same people who’ve been sacked can still enter the store. That doesn’t mean they will and so it’s not surprising that so many of us without COVID-19 vaccines who boycott Woolworths. Not only because we stand in solidary with the sacked employees but because this is wrong.

Don’t Be Rude

I just talked about people being rude to who appose the COVID-19 narrative. Now, we have someone on our side labelling ScoMo a “Clot”. Sure, he rolled out poisonous COVID-19 vaccines that did give people clots. He’s let the states and territories run riot. I don’t think anyone here likes ScoMo but that doesn’t mean we don’t love him as Christians.

Look I’ve called people “bastards” because they are evil and make evil decisions but singling out one person when they’re sick isn’t helpful. Sure, it’s ironic to get a vaccine and then the disease and more so when you’re responsible for delivering the vaccine. But I don’t think it’s helpful to have this attitude.

Like I said, it’s okay to call evil out and label people correctly for their decisions but having a go at sick ScoMo isn’t good. Please calm down everyone because we won’t win hearts for Christ and votes for freedom parties by slandering our opponents like they do to us, that’s just hypocrisy.

Please Don’t Do This

Just so we are clear, I am a United Australia Party member. Do I have a vested interest? Maybe but I think it’s clear for all of us freedom supporters that this is not good.

I don’t have much to say on the Ukraine-Russia war or special military operation because I know that generally I don’t know a lot about everything and both sides aren’t particular good. The only ‘good’ people are the population of both Ukraine and Russia.

I’ll quote myself from what I said in my electorate’s UAP chat. I think it shows how we should view the issue.

And there’s a difference between NATO and “NATO aggression”. I think there’s a way we can support the people of the USA, UK, Canada and other European allies without this divisive language about whose side we are on in terms of Ukraine and Russia.

Mitchell Parker

I could add the people not in NATO (Russia and Ukraine) to the list but the point stands. So many wars haven’t been between good and evil; they’ve been between evil and evil.

In any case, guess what? I’ll leave it to Konstantin Kisin to sum up why both medias (and their supporters) have got it wrong.

Compliant Christians

Dave Pellowe and James Macpherson frequently tell (real and pretend) Christians how to act. These two are so clued into how we should be acting as Christians and reveal how some “Christians” just don’t follow God.

So I think Dave is 100% right that some “Christians” would comply with evil, unnecessary and silly rules if it came from the government. Now would some genuine Christians comply? Maybe.

I’ve found it increasing difficult to say these people can be Christians over this time. They have misunderstood the way we should approach government and thought that we should do whatever they say. We need to follow God and following God means not complying with immoral vaccines, ridiculous rules and segregation.

Welcome To Q&A But Without The Q

I mean this was just mad. Do we forget that this same program let a convicted terrorist ask a question? Then we have a man ask an honest question (with his own opinion which is usual, except it wasn’t the Lefty opinion they wanted) about a lack of debate about the Ukraine-Russia war and how many (ethnic) Russians agree with Vladimir Putin’s “special military operation”. Everything seemed to be okay at the time but more was to come.

However, Stan Grant, the host, had some woke guilt and later kicked the man out. There was no but or chance to respond; that was it. He claimed that the questioner supported violence yet that’s a moot point because the rest support violence but from the Ukrainian side. So they (because so many applauded) made it seem like he was a horrible person who incited violence.

Whether you agree with the questioning man or Stan Grant’s personal views, you can see how kicking someone out for a different view is just wrong. This censorship is not okay and I would say it’s bad for Q&A but everyone knows they only support woke views; they had a whole episode dedicated to misandry (hatred of men). But this is a new level. However, the way Australia has gone, I shouldn’t be so surprised.

Just Weird

This is just weird. I’ll leave it there.

Worst Week’s Post- RIP Warnie

This is the worst post not because of the poster or the views but because of what happened. The legendary Shane Warne had this was his last Tweet before he too had his own heart attack. The irony is so real.

I could go on and say his death and Rod Marsh’s was caused by the COVID-19 vaccines and that is certainly a possibility in the case of Shane Warne because he made it clear that he had at least two doses. Though a life of parties, cigarettes, fatty foods and alcohol couldn’t of helped.

I will say, this man is second only to our other own Sir Donald Bradman as a cricketer. I never got to see him live playing and the speaking tour I was going to attend was cancelled. But his death made me feel numb. I’ll leave you with my Tweet for some more of my thoughts.

20 Words or Less- Hold Onto God

Whatever happens in life, we have to put out trust in God and hold on. Everything else will fade away.

Sources (In order of use)


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