All Restrictions Need To End; Restriction Review

Today was the day the restrictions imposed at the end of December and January were supposed to end here in NSW. Well, they didn’t end and were extended by another month. Despite falling cases and hospitalisations, the restrictions are still here. Restrictions are like grains of sand in the desert; never ending, coarse, rough, irritating and it gets everywhere. Let’s get into things.

The Restrictions


Firstly, the masks. Why are masks still being mandated? There is clear evidence that masks do not work to prevent COVID-19 transmission. Yet, the restriction is still here for indoor places; except for your house. This is just ridiculous and once again done not because it is necessary but because governments want to be seen to be doing something rather than actually do something good and not be seen for it. Most people acknowledge this fact yet are too compliant to speak up. Well I’m speaking up.

QR Codes

The QR codes now. They’re out, they’re in and they’re supposed to be removed again. But it turns out that this was probably just another example of either the (COVID) Nazis getting their own way or a piece of distraction. In any case, there are a string of places that you’re still being told to check-in at.

Singing and Dancing

‘No singing and dancing’ is the edict from Health Minister Brad Hazzard and co. Except if you’re the “performer”, you can sing and dance or if you’re at a wedding. Too bad if you’re at church just to worship God, you have to have a wedding every Sunday if you want to be allowed to sing by these bastards. How dare they once again tell churches what things go on during their worship services. And you spineless churches, are just that, for once again complying with this tyranny. You will be thoroughly judged for your lack of care and courage.

To get back on point, I honestly have seen no evidence that dancing or singing spreads COVID-19 than any other host of activities. And why are there exceptions to the rules? Why only at a wedding or just having a performer? Do they not spread COVID-19? Does their poo not smell and is pure white as the driven snow? This is just, well, a stronger word for excrement than I just used.

Now there’s probably someone who says that singing is bad but there have to be exceptions or it would just be cruel. Well, if it’s the ‘science’ then why does that matter? And if exceptions are made on compassionate grounds that consider other factors, why is it only limited to certain activities? Why aren’t there also exceptions for other rules. It’s just arbitrary and nonsense.


The most egregious and authoritarian restriction is the mandatory reporting of positive RAT COVID-19 tests. I’ve already parodied this using a sequence from Inglorious Basterds that Facebook took down but is available on YouTube (and I’ll link it here when I upload it). It’s just ridiculous. How can this be enforced other than the way that I parodied? Are police going to go house to house looking for these tests and COVID-19 positive people? I don’t see much alternative. It’s an authoritarian policy at heart and the most authoritarian in terms of enforcement.

Various Restrictions

There are whole host of various restrictions that were already in place last time I reviewed things or new ones of little significance, like density limits that most people don’t understand or care about. Now that’s not to say we should have the restrictions but to talk about these would just be a waste of time.

Uncle Dom

I can seriously imagine NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet hating every single word of nonsense he forces himself to say. He could and should have been the leader to make NSW a Florida-like state. But he is beholden to (COVID) Nazis who just don’t want this situation to end and give up their relevance and power. The alternative explanation is that he does actually agree with all these rules. I’m not sure what is worse, the cowardice or the true belief in these rules.


Cast your eyes to the following graphs. It’s important to understand why the NSW Government’s response to COVID-19 has been massively wrong. You can fine the data used here and here.

Graph 1

This first graph shows the number of daily cases and then the hospital statistics. Now let’s be clear, the number of new cases and the hospital figures are the current figures; not new admissions to the particular statistic. Now there is a reason the statistics are framed like that. Total cases aren’t particularly helpful because it doesn’t tell you how fast the virus is moving in the community. Nor do daily admissions to particular hospital statistics tell the story because what matters isn’t how many people a day are in hospital but how many there are in total.

Now it’s a little bit hard to see everything because of the scale, thanks in large part to NSW Health pushing the numbers up higher unnecessarily by adding in both RAT and PCR tests at a time when people could have had positives for at least one of each despite there only being a single infection. If I drop the highest value to 50,000 (which is about the true peak of cases based on the 7 day average), then it’s a little clearer.

What you can see is that during the Delta outbreak, there was a clear correlation between the number of daily cases and the total number of people in hospital; now yes, as I said before, it’s not daily hospitalisations but there is a clear correlation with the data that matters. However, with Omicron that correlation is broken. Despite tens of thousands of cases, scarcely few over 2,000 are in hospital with Omicron. That chain of correlation is broken. Thus, there is no need for unnecessary and futile restrictions based on a non-existent crisis.

Graph 2

This next graph is a little trickier to get but bear with me. This shows how close to the peak each statistic is over time. Now, as you can see, the peaks will change as new records for the highest amount are set. But What is clear is that both ICU admissions and ventilators had their peak with Delta and look unlikely to beat that amount. The fact is that what matters is not hospitalisations because they can be skewed by people with COVID-19 and not from it. Whereas ICU and ventilator statistics are less likely to be skewed.

The graph does show a clear drop in the number of ICU admissions and a peaking of the hospitalisations. Now, ventilators are on the rise but they’re a long way from the peak during Delta. The point I’m making is that the health system should not be under pressure. Only doom merchants want to sell you fear so you stay locked in your home and obeying their every command.

I’m not minimising sick people. What I am saying is this fixation on one disease is ridiculous and even when you do focus on it, the case is that the fixation proves to be unnecessary.

My Thoughts

Now, here come my expressed thoughts. All restrictions must end. England is doing so despite it being winter there and thus a higher risk of a large outbreak of any number of infectious diseases. We must follow suit. We have seen from the UK that the rulers knew their rules were bogus and partied multiple times; including UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson who had COVID-19 himself. So if those who had the disease and made the rules partied, then why should you do what they say and not as they do?

Rules are now just so petty and laughable that so many people are just not complying. And I’ve made my thoughts pretty clear about not complying. We have to remember that these are not laws but rules made up by a group of people who just want to control your lives and not proving good treatment but instead force bad vaccines.

The point is COVID-19 is now the sniffles. Regardless of cases, hospitalisations and those in ICU or on ventilators, this has to end. If it doesn’t end now, it never does. Endless boosters, restrictions and variants will be the mainstay of life forever. That is not a life to live properly.

Instead of focussing on one disease, general numbers of hospital capacity should be looked at and the cause for those admissions. If it is clear that one disease is the main problem and attempting to control it won’t lead to an equal or worse disease replacing it, then guidance should be given.

Also, if there is a disease with a high death rate in those not normally sick, then there need to be very strong guidance given. I can’t say that I would ever accept giving the governments, state and federal, that much power ever again that they wield now. Ebola or worse, I can’t see how the governments on all levels in their current states can earn our trust and let then have that power.

Now in clear cases of callousness and danger, there must be quarantining of the sick. But for the general population to live in restrictions like everyone has the disease, is not a policy that should ever be implemented.


I’m just going to be blunt. Stop complying. This is only way this will end.

Sources (In order of use)


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