What Is Truth?; SSMR

It’s a question asked by Pilot to Jesus; “What is truth?”. This week, we must really consider it.

Don’t Let Attacking Woke Ideology Get In The Way of The Truth

I know I know this technically isn’t a response to the post but the article the post is about but I shall go on anyway. I’m beleaguered in situations like this; when my fellow Christian brothers and sisters that the world label as ‘conservative’ (a term I don’t like because it’s only relevant to the context of the time and not absolute standards). I don’t understand their obsession with the Left, to anything they consider wrong. They see ghosts where there aren’t any.

In this case, Harris Rigby writing for Not the Bee (a non-satirical news site associated with satirical site, The Babylon Bee, hence the name), called it “Disgusting” that a homosexual magazine, LGBTQ Nation, reported the bisexual sexual orientation of US Republican Senator Ted Cruz’s daughter Caroline. However, that’s not how the story was spun. It was spun that the magazine ‘outed her’ in a “Despicable Political Hit”.

If you read the article and the homosexual magazine then you’d the see facts. Mr Rigby wrote, “According to the article, Cruz’s young teenage daughter went on TikTok to complain about her father’s politics while declaring herself to be bisexual.” But it’s not just “According to the article”, there are screenshots which prove it, see below. It’s just a lie to say this is a hit piece designed to ‘out’ Caroline. She said it herself and so there is no basis to claim this is all about stalking a child to write a story.

Caroline’s notice of bisexuality
Caroline admitting to not telling her father about her sexuality

However, her sexuality is not the point gleaned by Harris. He simply says, “Why in the world is this news? A teenage girl having a disagreement with her dad is something that happens in most households every single day.” Now he’s not lying but this isn’t the main issue and not as the headline says either. Is he suggesting that Caroline’s bisexuality is just a stunt, a reaction to her father’s conservative views?

The tone then shifts to this being all about discrediting Republican Ted Cruz with “the media want[ing]… to air their dirty laundry all over the internet.” Also, is this “dirty laundry” now? As I’ll go on to say, there is hypocrisy in the reporting of the story and what motive the homosexual magazine had.

Harris then presents various Tweets which disagree with the inital article. Now some may not like the story because of her age but they need to direct their emotions to the girl and not the publication. I don’t care that she is not an adult. She is still culpable for her actions and sexuality; whether these people like it or not. Not that it is relevant but this is not the confused words of a prepubescent child. So don’t blame the homosexual magazine for telling what’s happening.

There’s such hypocrisy in this. The reporting of Caroline’s sexuality is painted initially as a teenage daughter acting out against her father and not genuine; which is thus not worthy of reporting. Then the reporting is then labelled as “creepy grooming activity” which is “so interested in the purported sexuality of a minor”. Which is it? Here’s an idea, this is purely an acknowledgement by the homosexual publication because it suits them pushing their disgusting sinful agenda.

Also, like I said, it’s irrelevant that Caroline is under 18 because, guess what, puberty occurs before 18. Also, it’s not grooming to report a story. Yes, LGBTQ Nation are giving the story more air time than it deserves but it is certainly not grooming to report a story. Now what would be different is if she had no gone puberty and/or this publication was in contact with her prior to her sexuality admission and actually grooming her to say what she has said and write what she has written.

Oh but Harris has an alternative explation for you, if the “grooming” is not true. He suggests the homosexual magazine is “solely interested in attacking the Republican senator for being “evil” because he supports traditional family structures”. It can’t be either oneor “both” as Harris suggets; you have to pick. Why? Because you cannot possibly have both occur due to his suggestions. If there is grooming, then it cannot be about her father. And if there is not grooming, her father is still irrelevant because it’s just about Caroline’s sexuality but Ted Cruz is relevant if it is solely an attack piece. And since we have no evidence of grooming, then it can’t be an either/or situation. From what I see, attacking people who know what God has designed for marriage is just a bonus to the magazine and not the main agenda.

Caroline’s name also is not mentioned once in the Not the Bee article. Is this intentional in the name of privacy? Because it’s not hard to find her name. Also, it’s quite dehumanising not to mention her name. Is she soley the daughter of Ted Cruz? What happened to everyone uniquely being made in the image of God?

You see, this kind of overreaction, an overcorrection when it comes to woke culture is what demeans Christians and conservatives. It’s like a parody of itself; so obsessed with woke culture that they jump at shadows. It’s similar to what seemed like an April Fools’ joke or satire with conservative US TV Host Tucker Carlson’s rant about the metric system and it’s alleged role in being a tool against Western Civilisation. Seriously, a measuring system is not part of some hidden agenda by the Communists and anti-Christians; it cannot be capable of such behaviour since it is simply a way to measure things.

My overall point is that, at best, obscuring the truth and at worst, lying, is not what a Christian writer and publication should be doing. I get it, there are actual cases where children are groomed into believing disgusting anti-Christian and un-scientific sexual ideologies. But this did not occur here or at least no evidence has been presented that such was the case. So, Christians (and everyone), do not jump at shadows and present the truth.

Welcome to 2022, I Mean 1984, I Mean What

This is 100% accurate. Novak Djokovic, as you can read in the government submissions, was not deported because he was a health risk or filled out paper incorrect but because he disagreed with the government. Once again, James is on point at how the government is not preventing a disease but preventing a clear case of someone utilising their bodily freedom to not take a COVID-19 vaccine rather than submitting to government.

It’s clear that the government doesn’t want a prominent figure to have not had a COVID-19 vaccine because it damages their narrative that you need a vaccine for life. This idea that having a different opinion is a crime is exactly what happens in 1984 and James is spot on to satirically thank ScoMo for being able to “watch tennis without the temptation to commit thought crime”.

Is It 1930s Germany?

Lucy’s now hidden Tweet

Another day, another authoritarian comes out to play and James has a brilliant response. In the now hidden Tweet (because the account was hidden) that you can see above, Lucy Turnbull, the wife of former Australian Prime Minister Malcolm ‘The Ghost’ Turnbull, comes in with her hateful take against those who haven’t had a COVID-19 vaccine, whom she labels as “anti vaxxers”. Basically she wasn’t everyone to be berated and not just Novak Djokovic.

Whilst I applaud her consistency, I disavow her disgusting views. Those who have not had a COVID-19 vaccine have not done anything wrong, in fact they have done the right thing; thus, there is no reason to “forcefully” “discourage” and “condemn” them.

This kind of attitude is what led to Nazi Germany. When you ‘other’ a group of people and use that language, there are consequences and they are not good consequences. So, it’s no wonder that she hid her account from the public; not because she thinks that she is wrong but because she wants to hide from responsibility.

James is on point with his satirical reply. Why stop there? Why not get the mob to round us up? Why don’t they just deport all of us from Australia despite us all having Australian citizenship? That’s what James says and he is a brilliant writer.

On Point

There’s not much to add here. This is a brilliant Tweet. He’s right because it’s not Zuby’s fault that Australians are under tyrannical rules, it’s the governments’ fault. Go tell your local members that you want to end now.

Am I High?

First of all, “right-wing Twitter”? I think the word David Frum is looking for is ‘unicorn’. Now yes, there are a few right-wing people on Twitter but not many. If all of them said every view they held, they’d be kicked off the platform but by selectively sharing views and choosing words, they survive. But back to the point.

Right-minded people, he should mean, are not horrified by the decision to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. They are “aghast” that a government can kick a person out of the country because they disagree with the government. If David Frum read the submission made by the Australian Government to the court, then he’d know it’s not nothing to do with public health or the rules.

Also, it is “communism” what is occurring and not the way he thinks it is. The Communism is the ability for the Immigration Minister Alex Hawke to act as a dictator as cancel visas without the judiciary having decent oversight. Why? Because all the judges could do is rule if the Minister followed the law. And if the law said that the Minister could cancel a visa arbitrarily, then there’s nothing they could do. If that wasn’t the case then the government would just change the laws so it was the case and bind the hands of the courts.

Also, people are quite rightly shocked that if the government can do this to a famous tennis player, who is rich and has some of the best lawyers, then what could the government do to everyday citizens. Could police make arbitrary arrests?

Also, applying rules to “everyone else” does not mean the rules are right. That is exactly why people are displaying their upset and more upset because of what I said in the last paragraph.

What We’ve All Been Saying For Ages

The video from GB News that Dr. Jordan Peterson shared talks about the number of deaths from COVID-19 and not with COVID-19; 10,000s and 100,000s respectively. The from figure is a far smaller number than the with number and it’s what so many of us have said for ages; most people die with and not from COVID-19. Of course the media doesn’t report it though because they’d rather deal in fear rather than calmly tell the truth as they’re supposed to do.

Now Dr. Jordan Peterson responds by saying that “Data simply does not speak for itself.” As is the case for this intellectually brilliant man, his few words on Twitter give little indication as to what he is referring to. Is he referring to the with and not from figures?

In any case, he is generally right. We can’t look at raw data and draw a conclusion. However, if we have set the parameters so simply and the data has been arranged, then it becomes the information that we need. That has occurred here and we can see

Omicron Obsession

Since when is 30 or 40 deaths a day “substantial”? Substantive things have to relate to something. For example, one or two deaths in a family of 4 is substantial. But look at the thousands of cases of COVID-19 and then the number of deaths; so few. We are going to get deaths, the difference is that these deaths are made public every single day; regardless of if their deaths were caused by COVID-19.

We don’t go over the number of daily deaths from any other infectious disease, cancer or heart disease. So why focus on a disease which is the sniffles for most people? The fact is, Michelle is sort of right. We have to multiple the infectious by the lethality to see the overall impact. But it’s not the only thing to conisder.

We have to consider if COVID-19 is adding to the list of diseases which are endemic or is simply replacing disease. If it is simply replacing what we have, then there is no need to specially focus on COVID-19.

The transition to living normally has not been managed properly but not in the way Michele thinks. Segregation and large scale restrictions still exists in most of Australia and Western Australia is still cutting out the rest of the nation. On the health side, we have been managed well. But these establishment journalists still live in COVID fantasy land where that is all they care about.

Worst Week’s Post- This Is Ultimate Projection

This the ultimate example of projection by a typical woke Twitter user; projection being where someone applies characteristics of themselves onto others. Just flip the words and see how this person views themselves. Let’s see how that looks.

So many pro-mask, pro-vax people aren’t satisfied just proclaiming how pro-mask and pro-vax they are; nah, they want to be absolved for it. They want to be the good guys. They want to make it seem like they’re the ones in danger. I can’t imagine the selfishness that takes.

Not Elle

As you can see, it sums up what this person and many others do. They are virtue signalling and trying to look like the “good guys” by taking unnecessary measures that give the appearance of caring. I really can’t believe how well that goes with what they say. All their fear-mongering about COVID-19 despite being vaccinated and wearing a mask shows their cognitive dissonance. Either those measures work to stop COVID-19 or they don’t.

Anyway, back to the original Tweet. Most people I know in the “anti-mask, anti-vax” crowd aren’t actually that; I know because I am one of them. What we are are people who say that masks are useless most of the time against COVID-19 and the COVID-19 vaccines are immoral, don’t work and shouldn’t be forced on people. None of this means we are against the measures in general but it means we are against the forcing of people to comply with the measures which do not work.

Here’s just an example of the above, a headline from News.com.au; “Why Australian anti-vaxxers have been holding out for new Novavax jab“. Well these people obviously aren’t anti-vaxxers if they want a vaccine; that’s so obvious. And if you then tell me that that’s not what “anti-vax” means then it proves the point that people are trying to redefine the term in order portray those resisting a COVID-19 vaccine as a fringe minority.

To end this response, we aren’t looking to be seen as “good guys”. We just want to make choices that adhere to our consciences. This person may be fine with complying with unnecessary measures but we aren’t. Remember, we’re not the one virtue signalling.

20 Words or Less- Restrictions Have To Go

The UK is ending restrictions. Restrictions must end in Australia and if they don’t, we can see the true motives.

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