Announcement; Starting Podcast and Social Media

The Gospel Freedom has taken another step up. I’ve launched a weekly podcast to air Saturdays on a number of platforms. As a result, I’ve stepped up my social media presence to be across all the major platforms.

Why did I do this? This is a direct response to Facebook and its unnecessary censorship of the content that I share and write on its platform. As such, I feel it necessary to explicitly promote Telegram as it is a bastion of free speech and of course I have a Telegram channel.

What Is the Podcast?

So, the podcast will air on Saturdays and the length will be around half a hour. If you’re reading this post on any of my platforms, then you might of seen or heard my podcast trailer, seen below. This gives a little more information as to what I’ll be covering in the podcast.

What About the Blog?

Nothing will be changing with the blog. I’ll still be doing my social media responses every Saturday. And I’ll still post when there is a major issue to go into depth with and the blog generally works better for some topics that require reading and graphics. Currently I’m working on a big series, not quite as big as the COVID-19 vaccine series but still very important.

What Happened To the Restriction Reviews?

Well, initially, I was doing responses to the major restriction changes in the “roadmap”. However, since then, restrictions have been reintroduced and not lessened. Perhaps if we still have these horrible restrictions, I’ll review them on Australia Day and show how far we have fallen as a nation.

Will the Social Media Be Used Or Just Points of Contact For the Podcast?

Good question. They probably won’t be used for much apart from promoting the blog and the podcast, except for the YouTube where I’ll be posting my parodies mainly from now on since Facebook has gone ham with their censorship. Hey maybe that’s a cool topic to start the podcast with. Hint. Hint.

What Happens When There Is Busyness?

Well, I’ve thought about that. I don’t think I’ll pull the plug on one thing but I may reduce what I do in each area so that I don’t miss out on doing a bit of everything. For example, I love recording a podcast and editing it but it takes ages; whereas, I can quickly whip up a blog post as I have done on a number of occasions. So, it’s going to all be about balance but in any case, I don’t wish my contributions to be necessary; however, the world in which we live dictates that I stand up and share things.

Where Can We Find The Social Media & Podcast?

Well, the Facebook Cover photo, shown here, has all the places nicely listed. However, the links are not clickable. So here are all the links. One quick note, not all the podcast platforms are active as of me posting this so I’ll change the
“TBA” to the link when it’s active. P.S. The Linktree has most the links anyway, so save that somewhere so you don’t have to read this all again; unless you want to of course.

Social Media



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