We All Need Jesus, Especially The “Christians”; SSMR

It’s another week and it’s week’s like these that make you want Jesus to return sooner. But we are still here so we have to deal with reality and preach the Gospel.

This Is Fake or Satire

To most of you, 6 January 2021 probably doesn’t mean much to but it’s Christmas for the woke mob. And what does that mean? Extra virtue signalling of the anniversary of that date.

To give a quick recap of what happened on that day in the USA; President Trump told protesters (against how the 2020 Presidential election was panning out) to protest peacefully (see transcript), some people (and FBI agents) ignored that stormed the US Capitol (parliament) and acted like clowns. But to the media, it was the perfect propaganda opportunity to call Trump supporters terrorists.

So this American reporter, who I’d never heard of before, has given us footage of her alleged initial reaction to the events of that date. But it’s serious funny. It’s so obviously scripted and contains details that she could most definitely not of known at first glance.

She starts off in the typical fashion of going off about the US Republican Party and claiming they caused this despite pretty much ever single Republican (including Trump, who the media blame for all this) condemning the event. But this is one piece of evidence which proves that it’s not an initial reaction since there is zero recognition of Trump’s words.

Then she goes off about ‘forgetting the event’. How can you say it as the event occurs? Why is she already going off about the future? It’s so anachronistic to go on about it. And this is another proof that this was filmed later.

Now there is a piece of evidence which could vindicate her that these comments were made at the time but it also poses a question of copying others. CNN presenter Jake Tapper used similar words and said at the time, “there’s going to be an attempt to whitewash this and pretend this didn’t happened.” It literally makes no sense to me to talk this way unless of course they’re planning to do the opposite of what they said and always talk about it. They obviously had to provide some justification for their endless discussion of the event and that was the myth that Republicans were going to try to make Americans ‘forget about it’.

My shock is how these attacks happened so early on and that the media were already prepared to make this their ‘Reichstag Fire moment’ to go after Republicans. So, maybe her words were from the time but it’s awfully to similar to what others said and if she was apparently busy filming something, it doesn’t make sense she’d use similar lines to the other media propagandists. I know the media is a cabal of propagandists but I think it’s conspiratorial to suggest they all had the lines planned out beforehand.

All I have to say is it is a joke for her to call Trump a “white supremacist” because he is certainly not that (since Trump is orange; that one is a joke). Trump literally appointed a person with dark skin to his cabinet, Dr. Ben Carson. So, Trump is hardly a supremist if he thinks that a person with dark skin is better than someone with “white” skin.

She then goes off at Washington DC Police for ‘letting them in’. That’s another statement that could only of been said later. She could not of known it was them to let the protestors inside the building. It would be more likely to think at first, if she thinks these are terrorists, that they stormed the building and pushed past the police. But apparently that doesn’t come to mind; instead a tank does. She somehow thinks a tank could be procured by police and used by police. This outlandish statement seems to be put their to make it look like the comments where off-the-cuff because it’s so wild and could only be said in a moment unscripted and unfiltered by basic knowledge.

She then makes a comment about if the protestors were “black” then there’d be “stormtroopers”. Was this a reference to Nazi Stormtroopers or Star Wars one? It sounded initially like the former because she thinks that police and army act more violently towards “black” people. Then she jokes about how these “stormtroopers” are easy to defeat so then it sounds like Star Wars. Also, there were dark skinned people there. So there goes that arugment.

In any case, whether this was real or fake and recorded at the time or not, this is virtue signalling from a woke journalist who is more interested in getting brownie points from her Twitter crowd then reporting actual facts. You don’t need to share this footage and if you do, it’s as I said, looking for attention.

Close But Not Right

This guy is full on woke; Ben Cremer. Does he deserve the title of “Reverend”? He’s not at the place of heresy yet but he’s certainly pushing the boundaries. There are so many Tweets for me to debunk but it would take me ages because as I’ve said before, a Tweet is a good for a platitudes but terrible for actually articulating ideas. So for me to debunk them I need about 10 times the words they used because words are so loaded in a short Tweet and they need to properly be explained.

Now I chose one Tweet to go over and it’s one which I was screenshotted and appeared on my Facebook News Feed. And from what I’ve seen, this sort of defines his worldview and the typical type of Tweet; saying two things are mutually exclusive whilst they’re not.

Let’s get into the Tweet now. Why should Christianity “feel like” something? It shouldn’t. Christianity is about accepting the Jesus Christ as your Saviour from death thus knowing and sharing the Gospel. Christianity is not about how ‘feeling’ things; it’s about trusting and knowing. The rest is irrelevant but I’ll still respond to the rest because all of the Tweet is logically flawed and fundamentally un-Christian.

Love. We are called to love, sacrificially; that is agape. This idea that we have to “deepen” is just odd because that’s not for the kind of love he is supposed to be talking about. Love, agape, is doing and not feeling. Deepening cannot be about feeling then and thus, if I am to help his case, the usage is incorrect. Perhaps he means that we love more and sacrifice more often. That’s what we should do as Christians.

Belief. That’s an interesting word, like love. What is it defined as? That’s why Twitter is not a place for these kind of discussions because what is written is loaded in single words and can fundamentally misled people and in most cases, like this one, it’s no accident. He intentionally uses loaded words in most of his Tweets because it makes for a nice platitude if you just flick by without thinking. He wants you to buy into his worldview and he does it with things that you couldn’t possible disagree with on first glance. But there’s an important passage on this issue and Jesus speaks clearly on this issue.

But I tell you that everyone will have to give account on the day of judgment for every empty word they have spoken. For by your words you will be acquitted, and by your words you will be condemned.’

Matthew 12:36-37 NIVUK

So on with that part of the Tweet. He is right if he is implying that beliefs can’t be more correct than any belief because they’re just beliefs; that’s if you define belief as something you want to be true. What he is more getting at is saying to non-Christians or other Christians that Christianity is the ‘only correct religion’ in the former case or in the later case that their beliefs on a particular issue ‘are more correct’ than the other person’s.

Now to dissect that and you can the issue. He just doesn’t like truth. He doesn’t like someone claiming truth and saying it is correct. To him it is rude or disrespectful. He can’t handle, perhaps even personally, someone saying ‘Hey, that isn’t correct; you should correct that and here’s why’. His justification is the arrogance of some people who believe they’re the only correct ones but that’s never grounds to deny all forms of admonishment.

So, to justify that, he pairs it with “love” and kind of plays the Christian kumbaya myth. Now what is that, you ask? It’s the myth that everything is solved by Christians all agreeing, not admonishing and just ‘loving’ others (both Christians and non-Christians). Perhaps it’s a topic for another time to get into but it’s key to understanding where he is coming from.

The thing is, we can do both; we can love and admonish. It’s not an either/or situation. And that’s the main issue with most of his Tweets. He can get away with what he writes because he writes two almost good statement but says the two are mutually exclusive when they’re not.

More on the love and admonishment, both go together. It is love to correct a fellow believer and to share the Gospel with a non-Christian. They are in separable and admonishment is certainly not wrong. It’s not loving to go on accepting an incorrect position or belief from someone else. How is “love” going to fix things? Unless of course, which was my point earlier, he doesn’t want things fixed because he doesn’t like truth. He doesn’t want there to be an objective point to judge things off because that means he can’t make things up as he goes along. Paradoxically, the only “truth” to him, are his words, which are subjective and are quite contradictory.

What saddens me more are the thousands of likes and very few comments challenging the Tweet. False Christians and astray Christians are just eating this up and it just saddens me. I will pray for these people. There are too many Bible verses on the issue of discernment so I’ll just link them here but what I’m trying to say is where is the discernment here? Why do so many purportedly followers of Christ lap up this nonsense? Have they been lead astray and are well meaning or were they false converts?

Honestly, I want to give these woke “Christian” preachers a chance. Maybe I just disagree with them on political issues and they really do have a heart for God. But that’s not happening. They’re wrong with politics, wrong with theology and wrong with the Gospel.

Okay. This Is Just Heresy

Oh no, the previous post has provoked me to do something. I have once again waded into the territory of “Father” Rod Bower, the most danger and egregious false “Christian” teacher there is in Australia, who is basically an Atheist, if you read his words. I could literally spend my whole life debunking everything he says. But it is better that I simply preach the Gospel and react on occasion or I will probably go insane.

Let’s get into the video Tweet. Now the main part of the video is Rod reading out a quote from anti-Christian theologian, Walter Wink. The words are so evil and blasphemous that they indict themselves. The core proposition is that “God is human”; that is to invert the fact that humans are made in God’s image and not the other way around. That could be anything except for more wrong as the Bible clearly says that God is not human.

God is not human, that he should lie,

    not a human being, that he should change his mind.

Does he speak and then not act?

    Does he promise and not fulfil?

Numbers 23:19 NIVUK

Now God became flesh and dwelt among this as the person of Jesus Christ but that does not mean God is human; it means God became human. God became human, His creation, to save us from sin by suffering on the cross and rising gain.

To be like God is to be like God not to be human. It’s this actually self-centred, egotistical worldviews that arrogantly put the pinnacle of morality as humanness and then ascribes that to God. If I drank alcohol, I would need so much to get through this. This is so fundamentally anti-Christian and I don’t understand how people who claim to be Christians can spout this nonsense let alone write this. The only explanation is that they are false preachers from the Devil designed to lead people astray towards the god of self.

Now, why is this done, why make this up? It’s because they want to fashion God in their own image, the way they want society to appear and make their god justification. So, if they invert the relationship between God and humans, make God “human” and make humans only partially human, they can make up whatever they like.

It’s not the great error of humanity to believe we are human. Because we are human, we are broken humans, we sin and we’re not holy; those are our mistakes. It therefore is another mistake we make to believe that were good people; not that we’re incomplete. This is humanism wrapped in a Christian bow. It’s this sinful human-centred view of God rather than a God-centred view of humans. And that what makes this so evil is because it’s an inversion of what is the right thing and so you don’t instantly pick it up.

It’s a paradox to suggest that only God is human and then were made in God’s image; so then we could become human through doing whatever lies Walter presents. No, the reality is that we are human beings and we are God’s image. But the issue is being holy and righteous. That’s what it is. It’s just a complete paradox to say that we are human and then to say we are capable of being human. But it’s because he’s defined humanness as God and thus, he can get away with this. And there is no way in which, as I will go on to say, that humans and humanness can be defined holy; as holiness is one of God’s core attributes. Humanity is what God created not who He is and it is terrifically evil to go forth and project an ideology which puts (sinful) human characteristics on God. As you can see below, this is what the text should have said because that’s what’s right

Now the passage is actually good if you have to swap out the words “human” with ‘holy’ and “humanness” with ‘holiness’. Below is how it should read.

This is the truth; God is Holy. It is the great error of humanity to believe that we are holy; we are not. We are only fragmentarily holy, fleetingly holy, brokenly holy but ultimately fallen in sin. We see glimpses of holiness, we can only see in the Bible what a more holy and Godly existence and society would be like but we have not yet arrived at true holiness and never will on our own. Only God is Holy, and we are made in God’s image and likeness — which is to say, we are capable of becoming holy but only through the blood of Jesus Christ.

Not Walter Wink

Rod then goes on to, as would be the logical next step, claim that only Jesus is human and that Jesus as a baby is “our potential human being”. This again shows how the fact that how we define words matters.

Jesus is perfectly human. But he’s not the only human. And this happens when you confuse words and make words mean things that they don’t. To be the best human is to be like Jesus (and that is only obtained through accepting Jesus’ sacrifice) but that means to be human is to be like God and not to be like God is to be human because that humanness is a thin veil for sinfulness.

Not Heresy But Hypocrisy

The irony is real. When it’s a leader they like, it’s COVID-19’s fault. When it’s a leader they don’t like, it’s the leader’s fault.

There’s no mention of Chairman Dan. Oh wait… He’s not a Christian and is woke. So, he’s good according to Rod. But oh dear Dom, a Catholic who knows marriage is between a man and a woman and killing babies is wrong, so he’s such a bad person according to Rod.

Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not fan of Uncle Dom now but not in the way Rod isn’t a fan. Rod wants to shut our lives down and I want to live. Poor Dom is stuck in the middle and is leaning towards the shutdown side but apparently no enough for Rod and co. Honestly, what else can Dom do? As I’ll go on to say in a later segment, what can leader do to contain an airborne virus? Nothing.

P.S. Restrictions including lockdown favour the rich and hurt poor. That proves that Rod is a hypocrite for opining for more restrictions because the opposite of what he wrote is true.

I Need To Have Best Post of the Week

Now if you didn’t know, James Macpherson is an actual Christian. So. it pleases me to read something logically coherent for once from a person who claims to be (and actually is) a follower of Jesus Christ. Now this Tweet is referring to the losing case of the Australian Home Affairs Department to cancel Novak Djokovic’s visa. I am completely with James on this one. I am happy that this ruling and that the Australian Government lost because they were wrong cancel Novak’s visa, they were wrong to discriminate against this man. Best tennis player or not unvaccinated, not arrogant or not, the Australian government was wrong. This is a great win for freedom, for democracy and for our legal system. There’s some decency still left in the legal system of Australia. Hopefully this decency applies to everybody and everybody gets justice under the law.

Here is just a quick plug for James’ book, Notes from Woketopia. It’s fantastic and I’d recommend everyone buy a copy.

Also, since then, Minister for Immigration, Alex Hawke, has cancelled Novak Djokovic’s visa. This is the second cancellation. There’s more from James in the final of the seven posts.

This Is Everything Wrong With the COVID Agenda

Cricket; it’s sport. It’s meant to be apolitical but it’s anything but. There’s the celebration and then there are the reactions. Now the wicket celebration itself is odd and cringeworthy. To the COVID-mad, ‘Why on earth would you trivialise about a deadly pandemic?’, could be their response. And to a sane person like me, ‘What?! Are we seriously that brainwashed that this is something people do?’. Either way, this celebration is crazy.

However, the majority of people laugh; it’s call Stockholm Syndrome, where you believe everything your captor says and follow their every call. It’s part of a bigger illness called, Mass Formation Psychosis, a theory defined by and a summary of it is below (but a better summary is a video linked here).

The conditions to set up mass formation psychosis include lack of social connectedness and sensemaking as well as large amounts of latent anxiety and passive aggression. When people are inundated with a narrative that presents a plausible “object of anxiety” and strategy for coping with it, then many individuals group together to battle the object with a collective singlemindedness. This allows people to stop focusing on their own problems, avoiding personal mental anguish. Instead, they focus all their thought and energy on this new object.

As mass formation progresses, the group becomes increasingly bonded and connected. Their field of attention is narrowed and they become unable to consider alternative points of view.  Leaders of the movement are revered, unable to do no wrong. 

Dr. Robert Malone

We see the fruits of that. One commentator said that he “liked it”. And they all fell in line to say it was “COVID-safe”. How is that something to enjoy? Do they seriously think the medical ‘help’ the celebration presented was actually helpful? Of course they do because they are hypnotised.

Calling Out Virtue Signalling of the Highest Order

James is on point again. This cancelling of Novak Djokovic’s visa isn’t about health because, guess what, everyone can catch or spread COVID-19. It also has nothing to do with “anti-vaccination sentiment” either, as a court document from the government claimed. All a Serbian bloke wants to do is to play tennis and not agree with the Australian Government on every single issue. So James is 100% right to call out this virtue signalling of the highest order. And who even listens to these ‘virtues’ anyway? Probably only the Lefty Twitter mob. ScoMo and co. just want to appease the authoritarians on Twitter and distract us from the child abuse through COVID-19 vaccination and their apathy towards tyrannical state and territory governments.

Worst Week’s Post- Are Our “Christian” Leaders Even Christian?

They’re a number of contenders this week and many of the 7 posts I reacted to were pretty bad. In any case, this post takes the cake. Now I know there was heresy in the other posts and that is the worst. However, this has many layers of wrongness and so I have judged it the worst. Now, I know these are supposed to be posts of the week and this Tweet is from last year. My excuse is that it still applies and the week is whenever I find the post, not when the post was made.

Now I don’t know the decision that Peter Stuart (and he is just that since he is unworthy of the title of bishop because he holds un-Christian views) is referring to and I don’t care to find out. Why don’t I care? It’s irrelevant to the Tweet and there are so many contradictory decisions, yet repetitive decisions, that they blurs in my mind.

Apparently the decision brought forward risks and Peter doesn’t like that and is “dismayed”. Let me tell you something, Peter, life is full of risks and we need to deal with them. I don’t even know how big the risks were or if there were even any but I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here. We need to choose what risks to take and the government is doing the same as the individual and is even doing some imposing of these risk decisions on the individual.

Peter says that, “We look to government and public health officials to navigate this with clear guidance which will keep us safe.” Who is we? Not me and not many Australians; Peter should be included. Governments and officials don’t keep us safe, nor do their advice do that. Our personal decisions are the closest decision makers to the result and sometimes that’s not even enough; things happen outside our control.

It’s dangerous to look to the government as an ultimate source of help in any situation. The deceased former US President Ronald Reagan once quipped, “The nine most terrifying words in the English language are, ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'” It’s true. I get it, there can be some legitimate altruism on the part the government; they can really want to help. The issue is what is given in return for help? Total utter compliance? Responsible governments help their citizens but they have to prove the help is from a place of genuine care and not condescension and/or a power grab.

Now we know that President Reagan was right generally because so often, as I said, the help is not genuine. Governments have used crises to consolidate their power and enact terrible wrongs. The same is happening here since 2020 and even the most compliant among us are seeing the fruits now. Australia is seeing massive daily cases of COVID-19 despite mass vaccination. We can clearly see that the vaccines do not work, something that I have said for months.

This is the most blasphemous and idolatrous part, “The approach taken diminishes confidence. Kerry Chant gave us daily confidence.” Confidence. Who is your confidence supposed to be in? Jesus Christ and Christ alone. It is complete heresy to say what Peter said. I don’t care if he’s not confident in the approach because he’s not looking for it in the right place. Remember that this gentleman is supposed to be an Anglican Bishop but he’d rather hear daily from the ramblings of Dr. Kerry ‘Contradictory’ Chant than from God.

Now some will say that I’m jumping to conclusions but I’m not because we can see he is shilling for daily words from Dr. Chant. Why does she need become like Dr. Anthony Fauci is in the US? Hint, she doesn’t need to be; especially considering the part that man played in the research that lead to COVID-19. In any case, no one doctor should be treated as the only one to listen to, let alone be treated as like a god.

Even having many doctors at a daily press conference wouldn’t change a thing. COVID-19 is one disease (so why care about just about this?) and one which we can’t control no matter how hard they all pretend to. It is theatre to do what Dr. Chant and co. do. What you can do is treat COVID-19 and help the sick, which many doctors attempt to do. However, they have been severely restricted in terms of treatment by the government in order to promote vaccines as the only way forward even though they don’t work. Why does the government do it? They want fear in the public so people comply and then have vaccines as a way to introduce digital ID as a way to permanently control how we interact in society.

We should be hearing daily from God, reading His word and praying. Focussing on one disease and one person just to have “confidence” is not how we should live. I don’t want to talk about COVID-19 or the vaccines but I’m forced to because this is where the fight for society is at. I’ll never stop fighting for Christianity, sharing the Gospel, loving others sacrificially and promoting the worldview that cares for others as unique individuals made in the image of God.

20 Words or Less- Come Back Quickly Jesus

Woke “Christians” make me want to scream. Do they not know what they’re supposed to believe? Please pray for them.

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