(Almost) Equality Day (95%-ish Vaccination) Restriction Review

Well, after a little break of Restriction Review here in New South Wales, I’m back. There was a minor easing of restrictions back in November but because it was a deviation from the “roadmap” and minor, I skipped it. Anyway, welcome to (almost) equal NSW where large scale segregation has been removed. There are only a few restrictions and vaccine passport requirements.

Hopefully this is the last Restriction Review and by New Year everything will be back to normal. But I don’t think so (and things may be even worse) due to the confounding factors of the Brad ‘Health’ Hazzard (dummy, dummy; for those who get the reference), Omicron (the Omi-con), case number surges and a weak Premier. In any case, I’m not complying anymore.


So, let’s get into things and I’ll begin with masks. The unscientific mask mandate has continued with some blatant inconsistencies. Only “on public transport and planes, at airports, and for indoors front-of-house hospitality staff who are not fully vaccinated” are masks required.

So, a packed department store on Christmas Eve is somehow different to a packed train? It’s not. But remember, this is all “COVID theatre” as Paul Murray said and let’s be clear he hasn’t pushed hard enough against segregation, so I’m no great fan on his. He has a point though, things are done just for show to make it seem like the government is doing something rather than it actually doing something.

But NSW Chief Health Officer Dr. Kerry Chant still thinks she’s relevant and she had a weigh-in on this. She said, “I am strongly recommending we keep masks and I’m asking the community to do so”. Also, I appreciate the irony of her calling for “personal responsibility” but pressuring people to keep wearing masks even though people don’t want to and the rules don’t say to do so. It’s quite funny to see her call a mask a “very tiny act” when it isn’t so and even if it was, that doesn’t logically mean you should do it. For example, it’s a very tiny act to eat prawns but if you’re allergic to them, it’s not a good choice.

Also, the ABC wheeled out doomsday-sayer Epidemiologist Mary-Louise McLaws to say that masks should stay because “no-one knows when they’re infectious before they start to get symptoms”. Again, it’s a moot point when people like her proclaim this. We shouldn’t treat ourselves or anyone as if they are diseased unless we suspect. It’s not socially or scientifically based. On the science issue it’s wrong… firstly because the amount of people with COVID-19 is so low, secondly because masks don’t prevent transmission, thirdly because masks cause respiratory issues and fourthly because a focus on a single disease is dangerous for public health (since masks only help with airborne diseases).

Sort of Goodbye to QR Codes

Also, state-sponsored tracking is also largely over but it has the same hypocritical ring as the masks. As such, QR code check-ins will “only required for hospitals, aged and disability care facilities, gyms, places of worship, funerals or memorial services, personal services (including sex services), pubs, small bars and registered clubs, nightclubs, strip clubs, sex on premises and indoor music festivals with over 1,000 people.”

Have as Many People As You (But decreed by the Government) Like With Singing, Dancing & Drinking Wherever

Oh and the government thinks that it can now tell businesses (including events and venues), aged care facilities and disability homes and households that they can have as many people as they like now. Also, the same applies with singing, dancing and drinking standing up as well. Travel intra-state, inter-state and internationally are also open to all. Also, density limits are gone. In any case, the points are the same rules for all and a return to having as many people as you like.

This, however, is caveated but the fact that musical festivals have a “20,000 person limit”. Also, a privilege pass (COVID-19 vaccine passport) is still “required for indoor music festivals with over 1,000 people and cruises with over 100 passengers”.


That’s it, a really light set of restrictions. Now it’s good but as much as I’d like all restrictions to go, the inconsistent rules, masks and any privilege pass (COVID-19 vaccine passport) requirements have to go.

Segregation must be removed entirely and we have to live with COVID-19. For most, this is the sniffles, for some they are at serious risk. This means that we have to move to personal responsibility (as we should have from the beginning) to ensure that those who can live normally and those who cannot use their freedom (not privileges branded at “freedoms”) to restrict their movements according to their risk.

Ultimately, we need to do the following come the New Year; remove all restrictions and revoke any emergency powers to end rule by decree. Then true freedom is returned. Those who think having a COVID-19 vaccine will keep them safe with take as many as they want. Those who don’t think the COVID-19 vaccine will keep them safe or refuse a jab (or as many jabs as the government rolls out) for a number of reasons including moral, won’t. Therefore, personal responsibility will be utilised and we can get back to actual normal.

Also, businesses have no excuse to enforce segregation so take your business elsewhere if they want your privilege pass (COVID-19 vaccine passport). It really is quite ridiculous to ask for a privilege pass (COVID-19 vaccine passport) since those who’ve had the vaccine can spread and catch COVID-19. Which proves that it’s only a pass of privilege and virtue signalling. In any case, don’t live your life accepting the judgement of others, life your life accepting the judgement of God because He is the only judge that matters. So, don’t bow down to others who wish to exclude you just because you don’t do as they want.

It’s almost equality here is New South Wales. However, we need to protest, pray and push back for Victoria and Queensland as their segregation continues. This also extends to everywhere in the world where this disgusting and evil policy rears its ugly head. But for now, enjoy a sense of normality New South Welshmen and Merry Christmas.

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