The Segregation Case For Not Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine Right Now

Well, we’ve come full circle. Reason number 1 to reason number 10. It’s the end of the journey but they may be a bonus reason so stay tuned for that. This is perhaps the most pertinent reason of the time that we’re living in. 10 weeks ago was a very different environment to now and it’s important to consider all the issues. This post’s issue is segregation.

When I first wrote all my reasons, I wrote this, “The take-up of these vaccines will encourage the use of vaccine passports as a way to segregate society.” We’ve gone beyond that now. We have COVID-19 vaccine mandates. So, it’s not enough for governments to let businesses decide who goes to places based on their vaccination status, they have to mandate vaccines. As such, I’ll be looking at all issues of segregation.

Framing The Debate

This has a common introduction segment and for the final-ish time it’s back again and it’s more important than ever. Let’s get on with it.


Let’s get a few things straight. It’s important to define our terms.

Firstly, what is segregation? To segregate means “to keep one thing separate from another” and “to keep one group of people apart from another and treat them differently, especially because of race, sex, or religion”. Now even if you think only the section applies to the situations. That’s still segregation. However, the second definition is the most correct. There is the literally treating of people differently because of their vaccination status, which I’ll remind you, is not a precise indicator of whether you have a disease or not.

Next, what is apartheid? The definition says it is “a system of keeping groups of people separate and treating them differently, especially when this results in disadvantage for one group”. That’s literally what is happening. People are being made separate and treated differently. Yes, this has disadvantages for one group, the unvaccinated.

Objections & Rebuttals

Now, time for the objections. It’s about to get spicy.

Just Get It?

‘Then why don’t you just get vaccinated so there isn’t segregation?’ Well, ignoring all the other reasons, it’s fine on an individual level. However, we’re not talking about an individual level, we’re talking about a group of people. Remember, you are one person so don’t think that others won’t be discriminated against. So, it doesn’t get rid of the issue, it just simply says, ‘Well now I’m not treated badly’.

Oh and it just ignores all the valid reasons people have for not getting a vaccine. It’s the sort of logic we see in dumb TikTok girls.

Who Cares? It Doesn’t Affect Me

That then leads to, ‘Well, it’s okay because I’m vaccinated’. So what? It’s all well and good to say you aren’t being treated badly but how does it change anything? If something is objectively wrong then it has nothing to do with whether you’re affected or not. Otherwise, you’re just being selfish and hypocritical.

You see, this is why the Good Samaritan parable matters so much. The dying Israelite’s fellow brothers ignored him but the enemy Samaritan helped him. The Pakistani helped the Indian. The Azerbaijani helped the Arminian. The Ukrainian helped the Russian.

It’s all good when you are part of the ‘in’ group, Israel in the parable’s case and in this case, the vaccinated. When you’re not in the group, see how differently people treat you. Your nation, your church and your family dessert you. I’ve experienced this personally.

The point is, so many people claim to be treating people equally and thus, the Samaritan but you’re really the Israelite brothers of the dying man. You walk past him. ‘Oh it was his choice’, you mock. His choice to be robbed? His choice to be discriminated against? You hypocrites. Don’t tell me that you’re the Samaritan when you’re actually the Israelites that pass them over.

The truth is, you have no qualms with discrimination, you just don’t want to be discriminated against. So when you’re the dying man, you cry out for the Samaritan but when you’re the healthy one, you’re the Israelites. Here’s a hard truth here; you don’t mind oppression until you’re the one who is oppressed. Paulo Freire presents this hard truth similarly; the oppressed become the oppressors because of our selfish sinful nature.

But almost always, during the initial stage of the struggle, the oppressed, instead of striving for liberation, tend themselves to become oppressors, or “sub-oppressors.” The very structure of their thought has been conditioned by the contradictions of the concrete, existential situation by which they were shaped. Their ideal is to be men; but for them, to be men is to be oppressors. This is their model of humanity.

Paulo Freire

It’s Their Choice Or Is It?

‘Well, it’s their choice’, is another common objection. It is no less a Jew’s choice to be Jewish in Nazi Germany or a black person’s to be black in Apartheid South. You may correctly say that you can’t choose your ethnicity. But you can choose your religion, so there goes that argument. You could say that being Jewish was an ethnic label but in actual fact, converts were also included in the Nazis’ definition of a Jew. Either way, the discrimination and following genocide was and is wrong.

So there, you understand that segregation and apartheid don’t have be based on things you can’t change but also on things of deep conviction. There are reasons why we have the acceptance of conscience objection.

Religious Objection? How Far?

‘But if I can say it’s my religion then I can get away with anything then’ is an objection to previous point. However, I don’t know a single person who has objected to the COVID-19 vaccines for trivial reasons. I personally have presented 10 of these well-though out reasons and of course the most important is the religious and moral one.

Now, you can point out that this is all in practice and I need a theoretical answer because I need an answer for all circumstances. It’s a simple one. Is it an established religion and is the activity consistent with it? The Spaghetti Monster “religion” isn’t the same as Christianity and no religion is equal to a political persuasion either. So, it’s really not that difficult to understand if you’ve done more than 5 minutes of research.

There’s Conscience Objection But What’s The Reality?

‘Hang on, you still have a choice and we can still do what we like; you can conscience object’ is a final objection. You see the problem? It’s not fair to say that and still discriminate. You have to offer an alternative, like being a medic if you’re a conscription conscience objector similar to the true story of Desmond Doss (though he chose to enlist).

So, where’s the alternative? There isn’t one in Australia, although some countries do have alternatives like testing or having a prior COVID-19 infection. That still doesn’t absolve the issue because a test isn’t a true alternative since a person with a vaccine could still carry COVID-19 and thus, they should be tested too.

This, however, proves a key point; the basis of the segregation is faulty. So, that means that literally all the alternatives should be the actual conditions of entry if we wanted to be scientifically sound. Now, whilst this doesn’t change the fact that discrimination exists, it just shows there is no basis. The emperor has no clothes and I’ll talk more about this further on; in particular in a letter that I wrote.

Taking a Vaccine Means Segregation?

So, does a taking a COVID-19 vaccine result in segregation and apartheid? Well, in theory, no; no vaccination ever does that. However, the usage of these vaccines matter. If it’s not actually working as described, as I’ve stated in a number of posts, what use is it? None, at least medically speaking.

Vaccine Is a Control Mechanism

The vaccine is being used a piece of control. Why? No discrimination has ever occurred on this vaccination basis. ‘But what about leper colony and quarantining people?’ Again, having or not having a COVID-19 vaccine provides no certainty of you having disease or not. It’s not like it’s 90% certainty of you not having COVID-19 when you have the vaccine and so I’m not clutching at straws when I raise this point.

Oh and in the Northern Territory they’re not hiding their views at all. They’re calling a vaccinate certification a “Freedom Pass”. Apparently, they don’t understand the word freedom and how there are no prerequisites for it.

Vaccine Passport Myth

This is a real issue, the basis of segregation and mandating of vaccines is just a myth. So then when confronted with the evidence that a vaccine passport won’t actually work as a way to block out disease from spreading in opened up locations, the governments have two choices; double down or admit defeat. They’ve only doubled down in defiance of the evidence.

It’s so open and available that the government is not even hiding that the vaccine is just a control measure and not a medical preventative treatment. It’s like a fixed wrestling match, everyone knows the truth but won’t say it; it’s an open secret. I’m here to ensure this key issue is talked about.

Some may say, ‘Well so what?’. What do you mean? It’s okay to mandate vaccine and segregate people just because it may prevent hospitalisation? As I said in the first blog post, the ends doesn’t justify the means. Oh and truth doesn’t need a lie to help it. I’ve said this in another post but you can’t call a gun effective because it kills but only because you use it to beat rather than shoot someone.

You simply cannot say that the segregation is justified on medical grounds about transmission when in fact the claimed reason for the segregation by the ‘so what’ people is actually separate issue about the severity of the illness. That’s called bait and switch. You can’t justify segregation when the issue that’s it’s allegedly about is separate.

Also, it’s goalpost shifting. I’m sure those same people wouldn’t have changed their argument if the vaccines were proven to prevent catching and transmitting the virus. So, they use bait and switch when we call out their goalpost shifting.

But How Specifically?

Now all of that actually hasn’t answered specifically how you are responsible for segregation by taking a vaccine. Well, if you’ve taken it despite knowing all the reasons not to take it, then there’s no other option but to say you took it so you could participate in the governments’ control system or as they like to call it, “freedoms”. It’s just a plain fact that your principles don’t matter to you. You don’t really care about segregation as long as it doesn’t happen to you.

Now, what if you took it in ignorance? Now you know. The jig is up and it puts everyone at the same level. Give up your privileges because that’s what they are. They’re not real freedom because real freedom doesn’t require anything. Live your life as a normal person. Deny your privileges, yourself and take up your cross as you follow Jesus as it says in the Bible. Remember this clearly, “Then Jesus said to his disciples, ‘Whoever wants to be my disciple must deny themselves and take up their cross and follow me. For whoever wants to save their life will lose it, but whoever loses their life for me will find it. What good will it be for someone to gain the whole world, yet forfeit their soul? Or what can anyone give in exchange for their soul?” (Matthew 16:24-26 NIVUK).

So now, on a practical level how does your decision to take a COVID-19 vaccine actually enforce segregation? Let’s take a look.

Collective Decision

Well, the numbers, as a collective decision. If the numbers were reversed and only about 10% of people had the vaccine, it would be harder to implement the controls without backlash. See, the government knows from South Africa and history in general that oppressing the majority will ensure that the segregation ends.

There’s a point where sheer numbers outweighs whatever lack of willpower the majority may have. But when it’s a minority, it can go on and on because no matter what the minority does, the majority always has the numbers advantage.

Individual Choice

Secondly, as I’ve raised, the individual choice to take a vaccine when you know it’s purely for control purposes then you’ve bought into that. Now, yes there’s coercion but at the end of the day, you’re still responsible for your choices.

However, if you do comply it can’t be called a proper free will choice because you’re coerced. Oh and in some cases it doesn’t even matter. In the Northern Territory, you can resign and they’ll still a vaccine mandate on you and fine you if you don’t comply.

Dog Whistle Virtue Signaling

Thirdly, a dog whistle. It’s a term the Left love and I’m chucking it back at them. It’s a dog whistle that you are part of the ‘in group’. Though it’s similar to the previous point, this is more to society.

It’s a virtue signal that you’re such a great person who doesn’t want grandma to die and you like having a beer with the boys and wine with the women depending on your gender. Like I’ve said before, there’s not objective morality when you only care about the oppressed when it’s you.

So, there you have three clear reasons how your individual and collective choices are leading to segregation. Whether you like it or not, you’re part of the problem.

Are These Left-wing Logical Fallacies?

‘Hang on. Aren’t you just channelling the Left-wing silence is violence and you have to be anti-racist instead of not racist?’ A good question and I’ve had to think about it. The whole position of the Left is that racism is purely an “institutional” problem and that skin colour determines privilege. That’s not what I’m saying at all. I’m not saying that people are inherently wanting segregation like they believe white people perpetrate racism. I’m saying that because of what you do knowingly, you are perpetuating segregation because anyone with any sort of conviction against segregation wouldn’t accept it.

You could through another zinger at me, ‘See you’re saying that if you just go with the system and be silent then you’re supporting it’. Well, yes. The difference is, systemic racism doesn’t exist. Systemic segregation exists. It’s literal law. Now I could give 100 or so reasons why systemic racism is nonsense but quickly they claim institutions can commit actions that only individuals and groups can; institutions can’t be that when the people don’t commit racist acts or have racist policies. Also, most of what they claim as system racism is literally just disparate between groups that are explained by a number of factors that have nothing to do with instructions.

Enough of the digression. The system actually discriminates against the unvaccinated and segregates them from society. So, if you’ve had a vaccine, I can point that out. Oh and you opted into the system and that’s another difference from the Left-wing’s example. They say that you have to be anti-racist but literally in this scenario if you did nothing differently, you’d be the one who is against segregation.

Mandates; Really?

You can still say there’s some semblance of choice in the segregation when there are no mandates. This more pertains to the previous post about coercion but it’s a still important to show people who still there isn’t segregation. Without mandates, you actually have a semblance of responsibility for not being vaccinated. Now, with mandates, the choice is entirely taken away; do this or lose your job. As I’ve said with the Northern Territory, it seems that you don’t even still have to be in a job to be mandated. There are also sweeping mandates in Victoria and Western Australia. The ones in the USA are being challenged and so there’s less to say here.

Oh and Chairman Dan, we will ‘wait you out’ on the issue of vaccination. We won’t let you both segregate and destroy our convictions of not getting a COVID-19 vaccination. Oh and it’s hilarious that he mocks NSW for opening up to all on 1 December for being a few weeks after the vaccinated but he says he’ll do it next year. What’s difference if vaccination rates will be the same? It’s just arbitrary. I have worse words for this Premier but the Holy Spirit and Australia’s defamation laws prevent me from doing so.

Also, mandates prove this segregation is meant to be permanent and not temporary. There would be no mandate if it was just a short-term thing.

Why are mandates worse than just plain old segregation? It proves that there a ‘right’ and a ‘wrong’ thing. It proves that it’s not about excising a choice and that the government will make a choice based on your choice. They’re categorically saying that a mandate is necessary because it’s so ‘right’. to have a COVID-19 vaccine. The paradox is that if a vaccine was so good and right, you wouldn’t need a vaccine mandate because people would get it of their own accord.

One may raise the objection that, ‘There’s no excuse not to be segregated, they’ve mandated the vaccines’. Just think about it and apply the logic. Let’s apply it to Nazi Germany, ‘There’s no excuse not to be segregated, they’ve mandated revoking Jewishness’. Let’s apply it to Apartheid South Africa, ‘There’s no excuse not to be segregated, they’ve mandated revoking blackness’. We’ve already established how the current scenario these ones are all akin. They’re all equally wrong at their core. So you can see that something being mandated doesn’t mean it’s morally right and in fact reinforces how the government view people.

The point of me applying the logic is to show how mandating something proves that the government doesn’t abide you having a personal choice and how they want you to display, like I just said, that having a vaccine is ‘right’ and not having one is ‘wrong’. Mandating doesn’t change the segregation, they just are further amplifying that there’s not just a difference between the two groups but the fact that they want to force you to forsake your “identity” as unvaccinated.

It’s actually quite interesting that the governments and businesses are using mandates in the segregation. This is because it’s different to Nazi Germany and Apartheid South Africa because there was no way to change how they saw you. Now you can say that is still true regardless of the mandates but the difference is the ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ aspect of it because of the mandate. It definitely feels like a power trip by them to make them feel like they’re doing the right thing but really they’re removing choice and acting as dictators.

A Letter To My Local Member

It’s letter time. Here’s what I wrote to my local member and what I thought of his reply.

The Letter

“Dear Mr Connolly MP,

Thank you for your previous reply to my concerns. You have been a fantastic representative for our electorate. You have always put the needs of your constituents to the Premier.

On 11th October 2021, people fully vaccinated from COVID-19 will have access to things that the rest of the population cannot. This will be the case until the planned 1st December change of restrictions. This is segregation of society.

Our new Premier Dominic Perrottet spoke out against these measures in September during a 2GB interview with Joe Hildebrand and he said, “I want to see more unity and not a two-tiered society. It’s not the government’s role to provide freedom”. It is not unity to continue to deny equal treatment of people.

The whole situation is predicated on a myth. A vaccine doesn’t necessarily stop you from catching or transmitting COVID-19. So, in that sense, the unvaccinated are just the same as the vaccinated. As a result, it makes no sense for vaccine passports to be used to gain entry to venues since it is no certainty or even a 90% likelihood of the person not being infected.

A system like this has never been in place to segregate society. There are far more dangerous diseases that it would have made more sense for a vaccine passport to be required for entry. However, this is has never been the case because it violates basic medical privacy and the Anti-Discrimination Act 1977. I understand that this is caveated by section 49P of the act which states that, “Nothing in this Part renders unlawful discrimination against a person on the ground of disability if the disability concerned is an infectious disease and the discrimination is reasonably necessary to protect public health.” However, if a vaccinated person and an unvaccinated person can both spread the disease, you cannot discriminate between the two.

Also, the NSW Anti-Discrimination website says, “It is not unlawful to discriminate against someone if the discrimination is necessary to comply with another law or regulation, including public health orders. If public health orders are made, you must follow them.” That extends what the legislations says to specifically state public health orders as being part of the exemption to discrimination; which are being used to enforce this segregation. I’m sure that you’ll understand that these orders mustn’t be used as dictates and equivalent to legislation. The fact that the Premier can write anything, call it a public health order and then it be enforced as law, is a powerful and potentially dangerous privilege. The point of having legislation is that the Premier cannot rule by decree and the people’s representatives vote for laws that affect them.

Typically, receiving COVID-19 vaccines have framed as a “choice”; however, it is coercion when people are denied entry on the basis of vaccination. I reject this assertion that is it is my choice to have my freedoms taken from me; as the Premier said, the government doesn’t provide freedoms. I reject that this is a public health measure. People have had an option to get vaccinated or not, despite the coercion. We must all face the consequences of our decisions now that everyone has had the chance to get vaccinated or no[t]. The NSW Government is taking that decision out of our hands.

No alternative for vaccination has been allowed. There is no option for testing, like you mentioned in your previous letter to me. Perhaps this is because the vaccines don’t prevent you from having COVID-19 and thus to be fair and test everyone, that testing would render the vaccine useless as a determinant of entry. Also, there is no alternative for people with prior infections who are now immune and a vaccine isn’t necessary for them.

I would like to say that the main reason that I have chosen not to get the vaccine because the current ones on offer use the cells of aborted babies in production and/or testing of the vaccines. It is because of my Christian faith that I know that in good conscience, I cannot take any of the vaccines whatever the benefits. I know that you are also a person of Christian faith and would understand why I have made the decision I that I have. I’ve never been anti-vaccination and it is only these morally unacceptable ones that I do not take.

I would like your support to ensure that people like me who chose not to get it aren’t treated as second class citizens. This is something that the Premier spoke out against, as I mentioned before but he is continuing the plan which creates second class citizens for at least one month and a half. Can you ensure that people like I won’t be treated as pariahs in society? Being unvaccinated doesn’t mean you carry COVID-19 and the inverse is also true, having a vaccination doesn’t mean you cannot carry the disease. On that basis, it would be wrong to treat the vaccinated and unvaccinated differently since neither is proof of carryings the disease or not.

Thank you for responses during this time. You have ensured that democracy continues.”


Now that pretty much sums up the whole segregation argument. Now the reason why I left it like that and didn’t make this the basis of my post is because this post is how taking a vaccine would help segregation occurs and how not getting one help would stop segregation.

My Thoughts

His response to me was pretty disappointing but I’ll highlight a few things that are key to this post. Some were obvious and some were worthwhile to read.

He said, “There is substantial evidence that vaccination is effective at reducing the rate of severe illness and death from Covid-19. There is also solid evidence that vaccination is effective at reducing transmissibility to a substantial degree. Consequently, vaccination is one of the best available interventions to protect our community from Covid. For those reasons it’s also not accurate to say that being unvaccinated is just the same as being vaccinated.” Now I’m not sure if he misread it but I said that it wasn’t proof that you couldn’t have COVID-19. That’s my whole point, in that sense the unvaccinated and the vaccinated aren’t the same; not in the sesnse that he claimed that I meant.

He did say few good words, “it is my strong view that vaccination should be voluntary… I do not support mandated vaccination for occupations in which these exceptional conditions do not apply. Further, I do not support the proposition that private businesses should be able to require their employees or customers to be vaccinated… I believe that each person should be able to make their own informed decisions, including about which vaccine”. I mean, it’s reverse pearl-clutching; something that was commonplace is now rare and potentially scandalous. You know, someone is probably thinking, ‘How dare someone make their own decisions about their body’. In addition, he said, “I have spoken against this approach both publicly and within Government. Although I have not had success to date, I will continue to do so.” It’s good and he needs to do more of this to ensure that our democracy true has free choice.

He ended with what’s supposed to be a good thing, “I also note that the NSW Government’s position is that from December 1, restrictions applying to unvaccinated people will end.” Should I need to clap for that? Another instance of reverse pearl-clutching. Why is people having equal treatment such a good thing? And it should happen now. There never should be segregation but as the Chinese proverb says, “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.” So in our case, the best time for segregation to end was when it started and the second best time to end it is now.


This conclusion is pretty important. Make sure to read every detail.

Ominous Message

Let me end this with an ominous message from Dr. John Gerrard who is the head of infectious disease of Gold Coast University Hospital. Though, he seems to be more talking like a tyrant politician than a compassionate doctor.

I think for vaccinated Australians life is going to return to normal, pretty well normal, within the next few months… There will be some minor impositions in their life, there maybe some form of COVID [vaccine] passports, etc… for non-vaccinated Australians, I cannot see the future. I do not see what will happen to them in the future. I think will impact on them till such time they’re vaccinated. So, there really is no future being unvaccinated in Australia.

Dr. John Gerrard

If this isn’t a dystopian hellscape, I do not know what is. Stand up now before it’s too late. Oh and the bold is my choice because I want to highlight the irony of calling a vaccine passport a “minor imposition”.

A Message To the COVID-19 Vaccinated

Are you proud of what you’ve done? The system that you’ve helped to create. Is it good? Are you happy? Are you happy that you’ve built and participated in a system that locks people out of their own society? Or are you that far gone that you do not believe that the unvaccinated are part of society?

These are all valid questions to ask all of you who knew the decisions you made when you got vaccinated and prepared your vaccine passports. We need to ask these questions and have answers. This situation has societal wide impacts.

Medical apartheid is never acceptable. You are masquerading behind heath as the reason you allow your vaccination status to dictate your privileges. But you know this is all about control because the vaccine doesn’t necessarily stop you from getting COVID-19 or spreading it. But it doesn’t matter to you because you’re part of the ‘in’ group.

You are encouraging segregation by taking part in the vaccine passport system and by default, simply taking the vaccine for no other reason than to have these privileges. Do you really want to be someone who participates in segregation?

Instead of that, will you do the right thing? Are you willing to ‘sit at the back of the bus’ with us all and go where we can go? Are you willing to ‘wear the Star of David’ and show off your removal of a vaccine passport?

Do you know that the government is trying to sell you privileges by taking a vaccine when you already have that and much more? We all have freedom within us. It is God given. You do not have to sacrifice yourself for the government. Do you care that we are all made in the image of God and equal before God and the law?

You tell the unvaccinated that we have a choice to be vaccinated or not. You have a choice too, to allow segregation or not.


The point is, don’t tell me this isn’t segregation. Governments and businesses are literally denying people entry to places.

What a journey we’ve had over these 10 weeks. I have given you 10 reasons not to get a COVID-19 right now. So don’t get one and instead put your trust in Jesus Christ. He’ll give you eternal life, no vaccine does that. Amen!

Sources (In order of use)


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