Oh. We’re Back Here Again (80% Vaccination) Restriction Review

We’re back again in a week; just as I predicted; I’m not boasting, I’m just saying. NSW has just passed 80% of over 16 year olds having a two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. Oh and apparently that means that some restrictions are easing or something. Let’s quit the joking and look at what’s going on.

But first, what has changed in the situation? Not much. But according to “science” things change in a week. So, what changes to the restrictions have been made?

At Work, At Home & Out-&-About

Well now you don’t have to wear a mask in an office if you’re vaccinated; you still have to wear one if you’re not vaccinated. Still, you all have to wear a mask on public transport. I wonder what the difference between an office and public transport is? Hmm…

Now you can have 20 visitors inside and 50 outside if you’re all vaccinated. Indoor pools are open for more reasons and how you can have community sport but you all have to be vaccinated to watch, play or help out. Oh and in case you didn’t know, unvaccinated people can’t go to outdoor pools or outdoor gym classes because that provision was removed last week but of course, it wasn’t widely talked about. Oh and just to be clear, it isn’t a backflip as the news puts it because people were allowed to do it. So it’s a removal of a rule, not a backflip. So apparently, when in lockdown being unvaccinated is okay in relation to pools but not out of lockdown (out of lockdown, that is if you’re vaccinated of course) when vaccination rates are higher. The rules make no sense. Also, schools are more back but still not fully back.

Drunkenness & Debauchery

To some other stuff not and if you’re fully vaccinated, you can go to a brothel and the like, including strip clubs. Of course, that would be morally wrong but the government apparently thinks that prostitution is okay but not equal rights for everyone. Oh and you can go to a nightclub or a strip club but no standing up to drink; with density limits of course.

Again, why can pubs have one thing but nightclubs have another? What is the difference? Oh and for nightclubs and strip clubs, no dancing. So, in what sense is a nightclub that different to pub? I’ve asked it before but I have to ask the question. Why can you dance in a pub and drink standing up but not in a nightclub? Oh and good luck at a strip club with no dancing; sounds like the immorality won’t be very fun to watch.

“Personal Services” & Hospitality

Also, now the “personal services” can have as many customers as they want within density limits. That’s kind of funny because last week only 5 were allowed. Seriously, what changed in a week?

Restaurants still have a 20 person booking limit and of course you have to be vaccinated. But there are no caps on how many total people can be there; except for the density limits. Oh and you can dance now inside and outside but not at a nightclub. Huh?! Seriously, how is dancing any difference wherever you are inside? A packed pub is the same a nightclub. Oh and you can drink beverages standing up and to some of you that’s a big thing. To be honest, it’s a load of rubbish that before you could only drink sitting down. What is the difference?

Entertainment But How Many?

The major facilities, entertainment and information and education facilities have no changes but there’s now a difference when it comes to outdoor gatherings. A “COVID safe outdoor gathering” can have 200 people but a “[c]ontrolled outdoor public gathering” with seating and the like can have 3000 people. I’m not sure why a new category was made but it all makes no sense. 50 people outside at home, 200 people outside in a “COVID safe” way and 3000 people if it is outside but seated. Honestly, it’s ludicrous.

Weddings, Funerals & Churches

Weddings and funerals now have no person limits (but still density limits) if people are vaccinated but if you’re unvaccinated there’s still the 10 person allowance. Oh and the “pub” rules apply so you can dance and drink standing.

There are no changes to the number of singers at church and places of worship. However, now unvaccinated people can attend. It’s a bit late to start to appease the church with platitudes like this. It’s a welcome move but it’s not enough. The government scolded the church with a branding iron and now they’re patting us down with a cool cloth. It’s good but not enough.

For those churches who opened for just vaccinated people, shame on you. You prove yourself to be sheep of the government and not of Christ. Well done to those churches who never shut and welcomed/welcome everyone. Now there are some who did follow the government and close during this lockdown but did a did a good thing and waited to open when the government permitted everyone to attend.

Travel To Nowhere?

Travel is where the big changes were meant to come in. We’re meant to be one, albeit only vaccinated, state. However, the NSW Government pushed this back to Monday 1st November. So, if you’re in Sydney, you can only travel in Greater Sydney and the expanded Greater Sydney, which has had its definition changed in terms of restrictions a number of times recently, includes Central Coast, Wollongong, Shellharbour and Blue Mountains is allowed for residents in those areas. Those in regional NSW can go anywhere in regional NSW. Oh and caravan parks and camping grounds open for all, which is a positive.


Overall, not much changed from last week to this week; 70% to 80%. Still there exists a two-tiered society and segregation. Yes, you can do more than last time but remember that logic only exists if you believe the government can give and take these things. Once you realise that we’re all made in the image of God, then you’ll know that we always could make our own decisions and use our freedom how we like. But as I’ve said before, we’re still practically limited by the government.

So, do something if you don’t like this. Write to your local member to voice your concerns and let others know what they think. We must hold these people accountable for their choices. We are the government, don’t forget that.

Our eternal hope is in Jesus Christ, so do not feel sorrow for the world which is corrupt. We must balance fighting for what is right on earth but also holding our eternal hope in Christ. That’s where we need to pray for ourselves and our leaders to do the right thing as it says in 1 Timothy 2:1-4 (NIVUK); “‘I urge, then, first of all, that petitions, prayers, intercession and thanksgiving be made for all people – for kings and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness. This is good, and pleases God our Saviour, who wants all people to be saved and to come to a knowledge of the truth.“.

Hold on everyone, this isn’t the end, the government will end more restrictions (hopefully before the planned Wednesday 1st December) but don’t put your hope in the government, put in in God. Remember, “Christ was sacrificed once to take away the sins of many; and he will appear a second time, not to bear sin, but to bring salvation to those who are waiting for him.” (Hebrews 9:28b NIVUK). Amen!

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