Propaganda & Coercion Case For Not Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine Right Now

Various levels of government are using coercion and propaganda to “encourage” the population to get vaccinated from COVID-19. This is something that should never be allowed to occur. It’s just a fundamental principle of life. A sane individual who hasn’t broken laws should be able to able to make decisions for their own bodies. For the sake of this post, I’ll be looking at the Australian Federal Government and the NSW State Government.

Framing the Debate

Just remember this. We’re still talking about a single group of vaccines. When you go to vote, the political parties aren’t just interested in a lower house vote but an upper house vote as well; unless of course you live in the ACT or Queensland or somewhere this sort of system doesn’t appear. When eat and drink, you do both because either of them on their own won’t be enough to sustain you.

The point is, why would the government care about one vaccine only? Plenty of other vaccinations are far more important because the disease which they prevent are far more serious than COVID-19; for example, Meningococcal and Hepatitis B. They don’t kick up a fuss about those but for COVID-19 the message is clear, ‘do it or else’. Don’t mistake me, I’m not saying that the government saying that there’ll be a consequence, such as gaol/jail time, if we don’t but message is clear and one-sided.

Now, there’ll be someone who argues that COVID-19 is currently the most prevalent disease in the community but that’s simply not true. In 2016, there were 230,000 Australians living with chronic Hepatitis B. It’s unclear how many are now but that is double the number of Australians that have had COVID-19 (currently around 100,000) and most of those have recovered but these chronic suffers are far less likely to recover. Oh and that doesn’t even take into account various flus and viruses that we simply label colds.

So, ultimately, there’s no justification for this to be the number one vaccination and coercion used. Thus, there’s no need for vaccines to be used to segregate society; which I’ll talk about in another post.

Oh and I’m not talking about those working in healthcare or quarantine arrangements. Though I still believe that they should all have the ability not to get it, there is a case as to why vaccination would be required. The issue more stems from if they’re actually in contact with vulnerable unvaccinated people who wish for care from a vaccinated person. If they’re not, there should be no prevention from an unvaccinated person from working.

Government Advertisements

“Let’s [Force You] To Do This” From the NSW Government

Let’s look at a piece of the propaganda; the “Let’s Do This” ads from the NSW Government. To be very critical of them, most of it is stock footage of various daily activities and vaccinations with a voiceover and if you like lots of languages, they do that because it’s available in several languages and not just English. The general theme of the ad is a bunch of activities that the government has prevented us from doing and saying that we can do those again if we’re vaccinated.

The 30 and 15 second versions of the ad end with the phase, “If we want all of this…” and is followed up by the voiceover telling us to book a vaccination with the website given. That’s blatant coercion if ever I saw it. Probably the “If we want all of this…” is linked with the ending line which says, “Book your vaccination at” but even if they aren’t meant to be, the implication is clear; ‘You want life back to normal? Vaccinate, vaccinate, vaccinate’ and so on and so on because it doesn’t stop at two doses, the boosters will be around for a very long time.

As you can see, they’re making it very clear to you, vaccinate if you want to have “freedom”. However, that is a paradox because true freedom doesn’t have any prerequisites. Practically speaking, they are telling you to do something so that you get you want and if not, you don’t get it. That’s coercion.

Spare me the talk of NSW’s 1st December date when both vaccinated and non-vaccinated are under the same rules because there are still rules; still limits on what you can and can’t do. Even if I grant the 1st December date, there’s almost a full two months, in NSW at least, where the government metaphorically beats you over the head to get the vaccine if you want to undertake many activities.

“Don’t be complacent [because literally anything can kill you]” From the Federal Government

Let’s look at another ad, this time from the Australian Government. In this well-known advertisement, a young woman on a nebuliser is depicted in bleak hospital room gasping for breath. It ends by demanding people to “Stay home. Get tested. Book your vaccination.” They have a three sentence phrase, I just have a three word phrase for these people who signed off on this and let’s just say it has some colourful language.

Putting a dying person on TV for the purpose of vaccination is blatant coercion. They’re using emotion as a way to make you forget about the real impacts of a vaccination and instead think just about the dying woman. You don’t make decisions like that. It’s just plain manipulation that they’re using.

Anyway, the fact is, a woman of her age is not likely to die from COVID-19 or even be as sick as that. Sure, it’s possible and that’s the whole point of the advertisement. What’s also just as possible is a wall collapsing on your head, a dog mauling you to death or Centrelink picking the phone up in 2 minutes. Okay, the last one was a bit of a joke but it’s all true.

The Government could of spent as much money on an ad highlighting those other things but they didn’t because it’s useless. I’m not saying that the Government can’t make an ad like this but you have to be logically consistent, you can’t display an event that is at so low risk of occurring but then not to the same for the rest.

Instead of making an ad for an unlikely event, do it for a likely event. Perhaps focus on all the elderly people who are actually at risk. But the Government won’t do it because they don’t care about the elderly; they don’t care that they’re shut off from friends and family. These incompetent people forget that these people especially need company and human interaction, which has been grossly denied by both the state and federal governments.

“First [Do What The Government Says and Then Forget About Your Freedom] Things [After] First” From the Federal Government

We’ll look at another ad and once again, this is from the Australian Federal Government. It’s called “First Things First” and actually has two versions; one for those states and territories in lockdown and those who aren’t. I find that hilarious and I’ll talk about that first.

I thought vaccination was important wherever and the message is the same? Why would there need to be a difference? There shouldn’t be. Both versions are fundamentally threatening, yet different in their tact. The non-lockdown areas are treated to a ‘want to keep doing what you love?’ message and the lockdown areas are treated to a ‘want to start doing again what you love?’ message.

Both are very similar visually to the NSW video, with stock footage and a voiceover. Content wise, the lockdown version really only differs by talking about haircuts. Other than that, the content is pretty similar. The endings, however, are really where the sinisterness kicks in.

For the non-lockdown areas, the voiceover says, “To keep doing the things we love, there’s something we all need to do first. Book your COVID-19 vaccination at”. Talk about taking away your rights and liberties, this one is as clear as you’ll get. They literally say that if you want to continue to do those things, then you have to do what they say. I’d say this is actually worse than the lockdown version because taking freedoms away is worse than not giving back freedoms that were already taken.

For the lockdown areas, the voiceover says, “Before we can do the thing we want to do, there’s something we all need to do first. Book your COVID-19 vaccination at”. The government is openly saying, ‘That’s right folks, you want to have normality, do what we want you to do’. If that isn’t coercion, I don’t know what is.

The fact that both videos’ YouTube descriptions say, “This video encourages eligible Australians to be vaccinated against COVID-19”. Further solidifies my point. This is labelled as encouragement but it is propaganda of the highest order; besides, if COVID-19 is so deadly, there should be no need for encouragement.

These ads, not just the most recent one that I described, wouldn’t be out of place in the USSR, China or North Korea. They’re telling people, ‘follow us and you’ll get freedom’; their version of “freedom”, it’s like the democratic part of names of these countries, it’s democracy in name only and thus freedom in name only.

“We’re not safe [from COVID-19] until we’re all safe [from truth, logic and compassion]” From the Federal Government

Here’s one more ad and once again, this is from the Australian Federal Government. It features former Australian Government official Dr. Nick Coatsworth. He walks around a few places and states a few facts and there’s a pun about two shots of coffee and two shots of a vaccine. But the main line is, “Because remember, we’re not safe until we’re all safe.” That’s simply not true. If the vaccine protects you, then you’re safe. It has nothing to do with anyone else.

Also, if both “we’re”s are referring to the entire population, then that statement is irrelevant. It’s like saying as a circle is a circle. It’s an obvious point and so irrelevant. Obviously, we are not safe until we are safe. So, this is coercion because it makes irrelevant points at the best and disinformation at the worst.

Never Was So Much Taken From So Many By So Few

The fact is, nothing has ever happened like this before. Various government levels haven’t dominated the airwaves to promote their propaganda to the public. No one has ever been forced to do something by the government to have normality in our lives.

This is what authoritarian governments do. The tell you that what you considered normal is unsafe. Then they declare it illegal. Then they say you can have it back again but only if you do as they say, the vaccine is what they want. We can’t let the government dictate what we can and can’t do. Normality must be normality, not something earned through coercion.

The fact is, the virus isn’t taking taking away your freedom, nor is vaccine isn’t giving you (back) freedom. This is all at the behest of every individual and the government. Ultimately, as someone made in the image of God, you can do what you like. No person can stop you, theoretically. Practically speaking, the government can shut things down and prevent you from doing what you like. They are making this decision, not the virus. So, by the same token, the vaccine isn’t making decisions either.

The government is arbitrarily saying that a vaccine means you can do things. The truth is, if the government wanted to, we could be doing those things. Look at Denmark and the US state of Florida as examples. Every person has the opportunity to go about their lives without the vaccine coercion. Their message is, ‘You want it, go get it.’ There’s no coercive or a usage of emotion advertisement to “persuade” you.

Just think for a moment, if these vaccines are so good and so necessary, why do they coerce us to take it? Seriously. They don’t coerce you to have doctor check-ups. They don’t coerce you to trust alone in Jesus Christ. You make these choices of your own volition. If truth is truth, it will stand up to scrutiny. It doesn’t need coercion and propaganda to help it along. That’s why you see lies propagated by violence and coercion. Look at Nazi Germany, the USSR and Islam. All of them are coercive ideologies, countries and religions that use these tactics to make you believe what they believe.

Before anyone jumps to conclusions, I’m not saying that Scott Morrison or Gladys Berejiklian or other Australian leaders are dictators like Adolf Hitler and Joseph Stalin. I’m simply saying that the same tactics are used by people of their ilk and that’s all that matters. Authoritarianism comes from the heart; it’s all about an intention to control people’s thoughts and actions. It doesn’t matter if you fail at your goal, the evil is committed when you have that evil intent.

So, the government is using coercion, we’ve established that. It’s wrong morally but is it wrong legally? Yes. The Australian Immunisation Handbook developed by the Australian Government says that for valid consent for vaccines to be given, “It must be given voluntarily in the absence of undue pressure, coercion or manipulation… It can only be given after the potential risks and benefits of the relevant vaccine, the risks of not having it, and any alternative options have been explained to the person.” Neither of those are the case. The government is taking away our freedom and our jobs. That is coercion. They are also not making the risks clear in the ads either. Plus, they aren’t showing alternatives either, such as treatments. So, government is failing horribly.

The Federal Government is in violation of their own rules. That’s even worse than violating basic morality and human rights because these rules are what the government sets. It’s like if the creators of Monopoly, Lizzie Magie and Charles Darrow, were found out to be stealing from the game bank; they’re breaking the rules that they made. If the government can’t even follow their own rules, why do you think they’re trustworthy to look after your best interests?

Vaccine; Carrot or Stick?

The fact is, right now, the vaccine is being used as a carrot rather than a stick. Governments and businesses are mandating them for employees and businesses say they’ll be only allowing vaccinated people on their premises. That’s a stick. There’s no way around that. Don’t talk about individual choice. This is coercion. When you change the rules and then claim there is still a free choice, the word choice is stretched to almost mean nothing. It’s not like vaccinated people get something new and unvaccinated people get the same thing because that would still be a free choice. It’s not a free choice to change the rules about employment and entry to businesses.

Again, we can’t say that a benefit for the vaccinated and removal of a right or privilege for the unvaccinated is the same thing. I giving someone chocolate is not the same as me taking someone’s chocolate. You might get the same net result but that’s not the same decision in principle. We have to make it clear, mandating a vaccine for all employees is changing the rules. You can’t say that employment is a new thing; it is normality. Whereas a vaccine lottery is a new thing. That’s fair enough. That’s how things go. If you come first in a race, you get a gold medal; the loser doesn’t get their possessions taken away. That’s how things should work.

Instead, when you take instead of give as “encouragement”, you’re really committing coercion. You can’t also say that because people are new employees or because “freedom” is new, that suddenly everything is new and you can discriminate against the unvaccinated. True freedom isn’t new and can’t be given and it makes me irate to see the news describe the government as giving us freedom when in fact they can’t give it because it is innate and even if they could, they’d be giving it back and not inventing new freedoms.

I’m all for others giving whatever they like to vaccinated people, free food and the like but the moment you step in and say that someone can’t have something, you’ve pushed the boundary. That’s my point. You can’t pretend that robbing Peter is the same as paying Paul.

The Carrot

So instead, the vaccine should be used as a carrot. End all restrictions. People can now make their choices. If people feel that they’ll be safer with a vaccine and they don’t object to them for any other reason then people will get it. If people object to the vaccine or believe that it’s safe to not get one, then they’ll choose not to. Both people will reap the consequences of their actions and all is fair.

People would want to be vaccinated because there’s an incentive to; they don’t want to get COVID-19 and there are no restrictions to stop living life and people spreading the virus. There’s not mandating of anything and it puts the ball in the court of the individual. People will be able to make a decision for themselves. That’s how a democracy is supposed to work. It means that medical decisions are made privately with the consultation of whomever they wish.

The Stick

But when the government gets involved, usually the stick approach is used and not the carrot; that’s what happened in this case. Using the stick is called ‘tough love’ yet it isn’t the true tough love approach.

True tough love would be the carrot approach and letting people make their own decisions since people may get sick from not being vaccinated. It’s not love to use the stick, since love is about Godly sacrifice and ensuring the right thing occurs but it’s not actually a right or wrong thing to be vaccinated generally speaking and moreover, it is a wrong thing to be vaccinated with a vaccine that uses murdered babies.


Finally, just think about it. Why would you need to be coerced? Because the vaccine isn’t as good as they say.

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