The Risk & Benefit Case For Not Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine Right Now

I’ve talked about the risks in a previous post; so it’s no surprise that I’ll be going further into the risks of the COVID-19 vaccines. It’s unknown whether the risks of COVID-19 in a healthy young adult or middle aged person (or in fact any age) outweigh the risks of any of these vaccines’ side effects. That’s true, we don’t actually know. It’s simply that older people have a lot less to lose from taking a vaccine since they’re virtually the only people at serious risk from the disease itself.

Is This All a Conspiracy Theory?

It’s really not a conspiracy to actually look at the risks of the COVID-19 vaccines. Especially the new mRNA vaccines. The fact is, the Big 3 (Government, Tech and Pharma) are all colluding with the “safe and effective” messaging and so we can’t think logically about it. We think, ‘If it’s safe and effective then it couldn’t have been the vaccine that caused this side effect’.

It’s like watching a murder mystery on TV. No one suspects that it’s the nice old granny until the detectives show you. We’re not logically thinking about because the appearance of her stops us from considering that she may have an insidious nature. The same applies to the vaccines.

So, they say that anyone who questions the vaccines is a crazy anti-vaxxer who wants children to die of measles. It’s what a call the ‘Hitler fallacy’. You liken a person to a despicable historical figure so that you don’t have to listen to their views because who listens to a Nazi? But if you don’t call them a Nazi, you must actually deal with what they say.

The reverse is also true, a ‘reverse Hitler fallacy’, if you like or perhaps a ‘gospel fallacy’. Something is so good and so true it could never possibly be wrong and no one may question it, like the real Gospel of Jesus Christ. Again, the same, although reverse is true, you have to trust the “safe and effective” line because no one can question it but if you do question it, you’re a despicable person. The only person who can never be wrong is God. So, beware of those who claim to never be wrong.

So, let’s be clear here. We are allowed to ask questions and be sceptical. We are allowed to disagree with the “science”; though there is no “science” because real science doesn’t dictate a behaviour but deals with reality. We are allowed to refuse vaccines and pronounce the risks.

Here’s a quick aside but it generally applies to this section. You’re not being intellectually honest with yourself if you don’t consider the other point of view. The kind of nonsense I read online from people responding to me is astounding. People have so bought into the narrative that they don’t even read what I write or the sources I quote. For example, a simple fact I stated was that mRNA vaccines have never been produced before, which is 100% true. I never said the technology never existed before. In this particular instance, the person goes on to claim that the technology has been worked on since the 2002 SARS Epidemic and whether that is true or not is irrelevant to my point.

I’m not interested in a debate if you’re going to be a partisan hack. Seriously, be honest with yourself and pursue the facts where they lead. I’ve never been ‘anti-vaxx’ and I’m still not. What I am is someone who does my research and goes where it leads. You’re only giving more and more credence to conspiracy theorists by shutting down debate.

Just ask yourself an honest question, 2 years ago would you take an experimental medicine if you’re unlikely to die from the disease so that you can go outside because the government says so? If you answer no and wonder if you’re living in a communist nation then you’d have your head screwed on rightly. If you say yes, read on and I’ll show how you’re wrong. And don’t tell me the situation has changed because the details were all laid out in what I just said. Seriously, morals don’t change. If you’re against something before why change? I’ll say it again, our ability to reason has been lost because we’ve let ourselves be dependent on the government and when it tells us something we do it. This kind of thinking is what lead to Nazi Germany and the USSR; ‘Surely the government would never lie to us and hurt us’.

Oh and don’t let the government tell you that your God-given freedoms are only given when you do what they say. Because that’s not freedom, that’s coercion and it’s not freedom if you’re given it, freedom is self-evident. We all have a responsibility for our actions and we are judged by God for them. We need to make choices for ourselves. If not, we no longer have agency or democracy. Remember, we are the government and the government answers to us; if not we are not in a democracy but a dictatorship. The point is, read on. Go where the facts lead.

COVID-19 (Vaccines) and Children

I’ll firstly address children. These are the group of people the least at risk of symptomatic disease and death. Yet, Australia and a number of other nations have bowed to public and/or governmental pressure to vaccinate children. Let’s be clear, science is a democracy. Democracy is important but we must not let public opinion dictate scientific advice. The advice is clear and the UK has been leading the way in this area with a reasonable voice.

The UK’s Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunisation (JCVI) said that the benefits are “marginally greater than the potential known harms”. That pretty clear, the net benefits are virtually zero and that doesn’t even take into considerations like the unknown risks. Yet the UK Government and their bureaucrats are trying to meddle and still allow children to take it.

The point, however, is clear. The science says no. How can the science be different in Australia? It can’t be. These are the same vaccines, the same disease and the same children. The only difference is that both state and federal governments in Australia have successfully whipped up fear through their press conferences and the media. NSW Health literally highlighted younger children being infected in their case numbers as if it was a bad thing on multiple occasions. Children are not at risk. That is simply a fact. The elderly and infirmed are at risk but no one else.

So, specifically, what did the JCVI say? They said, that the “margin of benefit, based primarily on a health perspective, is considered too small to support advice on a universal program”. So, you’ve read it here. Not that the mainstream media will challenge the Australian decision on this. In fact, the ABC is typically on the Federal Government’s case by labelling those under 12 who are not eligible to receive a vaccine, “forgotten”. Seriously, when will we wake up? Children are not at risk of this disease.

Look at what the Australian equivalent of the JCVI said. Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) said the following factors were considered in their decision.

  • Safety, efficacy and effectiveness of COVID-19 vaccines in adolescents from clinical trials and overseas vaccination programs;
  • Epidemiology of COVID-19 in adolescents including disease severity and complications and their role in transmission in the population; 
  • The potential for indirect benefits of vaccination, such as on family and adolescent wellbeing and participation in education; and
  • Evidence of potential acceptance of vaccination in this age group.

Their other post about 12-15 year olds specifically didn’t glean much in terms of decision making by the way.

Notice there they said they looked at disease severity. Did they really? Well, they certainly didn’t qualify the statement that the disease is rarely severe. They didn’t say the lack of severity. That would be more accurate. And what had their role in transmission got to do with anything? Zero. It’s not a child’s fault that they spread a disease. You don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. Don’t let kids take the blame for adults’ choices. If someone chooses to be around a child and not vaccinated from COVID-19, that’s their choice; not that it stops you from catching it, as we looked at before. You don’t lock up the knives, you lock up the murderer.

Indirect benefits? That’s not how this works. You look up whether it is safe or not for children; which it isn’t clear if it is or not. You don’t look at irrelevant things. What you have is control over yourself. Externalities shouldn’t effect your decision. No one said that the human experiments of the Nazis were good because it could of helped others. That’s not how decisions are made. You are a fool if you believe that robbing Peter to pay Paul is a good worldview to live out. And it sickens me that they bring up education attendance. Are they implying that children won’t be allowed to go to school if they don’t receive the vaccine? That’s not their job. Look at the science, ATAGI, that’s your job. They’re job isn’t to be economists or teachers or keepers for the rest of the population.

Potential acceptance of the vaccine? Seriously? What did I say about science not being a democracy? You don’t vote on truth. This is far beyond a joke. Do you remember when people used to eat laundry pods? Do you remember when the Germans voted for the Nazis? Acceptance has nothing to do with truth. Moreover, it had even less to do with science. Isaac Newton didn’t sit around thinking if people would accept him presenting the theory of gravity and then decide whether it was true or not based upon it.

I’ve read this load of nonsense and I honestly can’t believe how bad this is. They’re not even hiding it anymore. They’re so bold that they’ll let you read this yourself.

Just one more thing. Former UK Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt said, “So I think we should just get on, not wait for that advice, get on with a booster program.” These are the types of people making decisions, shoot first and ask questions later. Pun very much intended. Though this has nothing to do with children it shows that these brazen politicians tell you to follow the science until it disagrees with them. The hypocrisy has gone into overload. Though the UK politicians are attempting to undermine their experts, they’re standing firm whilst the government overrules them. Here in Australia, the two are in bed and they’re recommending whatever the Federal Government. Oh and by the way, they’re crudely making a baby government like that of 1984 where the experts and the rulers say the same thing as ‘truth’; it’s doublethink. It doesn’t matter who said what, when and why; it’s all the ‘truth’, no matter how contrary it is.

So What About Everyone Else?

So that’s children, what about young adults and everyone else? The TGA posts the reported side effects. Remember what I said in a previous post, every single side effect is self-reported. That still, 99 Australians have been affected by the paralysing Guillain-Barre Syndrome. 125 Australians have been had blood clots as a result and many have died. Almost 300 Australians have had myocarditis and/or pericarditis (heart inflammation) and 9 were under 18 years old. And these were all just the self-reported cases that you find with a few clicks. And they admit it as such, “Adverse event reports from consumers and health professionals to the TGA are voluntary, so there is under-reporting by these groups of adverse events related to therapeutic goods in Australia. This is the same around the world.”

But when you delve deeper into the Database of Adverse Event Notifications from the Therapeutic Goods Administration, you can say that to date 509 people have died from the vaccination. I say that only because that’s the language that people use for COVID-19. They don’t say with, they say from, even when they have not yet established a cause of death. I’m just being fair, not that I agree with them. In fact, from here on, I’ll say with.

Let’s look the COVID-19 death statistics. Around 1000 people in Australia have died from COVID-19 and mostly from nursing homes in Melbourne during their second wave. No death is acceptable but we need to keep that in perspective when looking at these numbers. So, if we remove the 800 deaths from the total. More people have died with the vaccine than from the disease itself. I was so shocked to see 500 deaths. I perhaps expected 20 or so but no, the real number is more than 20 times larger. This is what the Big Tech and the media is hiding from you. This is what Big Government is hiding from you. This is what Big Pharma is hiding from you.

Headache was the most reported reaction and 20 people died as a result. Shortness of breath was another reaction and 46 people died. 5 people had a cough and died. Again, the government sites like to present the side effects as mild by talking about things like headaches and a cough but the truth is the “Number of cases where death was a reported outcome” is 20 for headaches. No one dies because of a headache; so there’s something else at play. So, read more than just the headlines and you’ll see the truth of the matter.

What Does It All Mean?

Whilst it’s absolutely true that we have no idea of any of these people’s underlying conditions, the numbers still mean something. 508 Aussies had an allergic anaphylactic reaction after the vaccine. That number should be zero. People shouldn’t be taking vaccines without reading the ingredients and checking with their doctor that it is safe. These people know that have anaphylactic reactions to things and yet they still go ahead. Either their ignorance or the failure to disclose by the authorities is at fault; though, most likely, both are true. This shows that we have to get out of our head that COVID-19 is the only health concern. There are so many things to look after and we especially can’t treat the vaccine as a silver bullet, as I described in another post.

I haven’t been overly specific in terms of young people in terms of the risks but it’s far more compelling to display the risks to those of all ages. Every single life is important, at each stage of life. But to make it clear for those people young, those under 50, here are the numbers. Out of the 61,033 cases reported in Australian by people under 50, until 16th September 2021, just 28 people have died or 0.05%. The total population has a death rate of 1.4%; with the over 50s having a death rate of just under 6%. Plus, despite making up more than 75% of all cases, under 50s make up less than 3% of the deaths. Even with the 800 nursing home deaths, the death rate is still less than 6% and even less if we take them out. This virus isn’t a killing machine and our fears are overblown.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the full data at hand to look at the risks of the vaccine per each age group but we can see that things just don’t add up. Like I said, all lives are important; however, the elderly have less life function to lose. We don’t know what effect the vaccines have on fertility despite what the media says because there simply has not been enough time to observe things and what effect do these vaccines have on growth development? I’m not saying that young people are worth more than the elderly but they have more functions they could lose as a result. That doesn’t even factor in the disease vs vaccine risk vs reward debate, that the elderly are far more likely to die of COVID-19.

These deaths from the disease or the vaccine are heartbreaking. These people were someone’s wife or husband, mother or father, son or daughter and friend or family. These numbers are people and it brings me to say it. Death is, however, a reality of our fallen world that God will end one day when those who accept His offer of eternal will receive it and those who refuse it will get their punishment.

It’s because of these people that I say what I do. What about all the people who die of cancer or heart disease? Do they not also have loved ones? Are they worth less than those who die with COVID-19? You know what, all these cancer screenings that are stopped are doing far more damage than good. 100% of people who get cancer and do nothing about it will die. But with COVID-19, it’s a flipped result; it’s almost 100% that you’ll live. We’re already seeing people die from cancer that was failed to be screened because of lockdowns. Look, it’s a completely separate issue but it comes from the same attitude that the government is doing the right thing and they’re not.

Immunity From a Previous Infection

There’s also immunity from a previous infection to look at as well. They can generally provide a much better immune protection than any vaccine. And as, we’ve seen, it’s potentially less risky. I’m not endorsing anyone to try to get infected because it’s still a sickness. I’m simply saying that not all things are put into the picture. COVID-19 isn’t all risks and vaccine all benefits.

The studies show that the T-cell responses work. But it’s not like any of that matters in this debate to the pro-government side. What about all these infected people? Do they need a vaccine? Is it worth the risk since they have protection and a vaccine could further the risk they face more? It’s not like adding one risk for an uninfected person to have a vaccine, you’re adding two risks to someone who’s already protected. You don’t put on a potentially nuclear contaminated suit when you have a clean one already one.


Look, it’s perfectly clear. We don’t have all the data but what data we have actually shows a net risk in taking the vaccine. So, we can take our time to look at everything or we can run like headless chooks into doing something irrevocably stupid. I’ll take my time and I pray you all do too.

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