The Time Case For Not Getting A COVID-19 Vaccine Right Now

Put aside the religious, moral and ethical reasons for not getting a COVID-19 vaccine, as well as the myriad of alleged serious side effects, there is a key reason why you shouldn’t get one right now; time.

Cast your eyes back to March and April 2020 where the world seems to be in absolute freefall. People were dying, China was lying and fear had replaced panic buying. Yet still at that time, the focus was on treating the sick and flatting the curve. Talk of a vaccine was brushed to the side and when it was brought up, we were told we’d be lucky to have it within 18 months.

My issues here are twofold, the ignorance of the science of waiting for all the trials to be completed and the complete reversal of the left-leaning and left-wing media, as well to my surprise, some medical practitioners, on the issue of these vaccines.

As an aside, I’d like to say that there are completely legitimate reasons for forgoing all the trials and straightaway using an experimental treatment. Often this is the case with terminally ill people.

The Science

Firstly, the science issue. Almost every single treatment has be tested through four phases of clinical trials and often jump through bureaucratic hoops to be approved for use. Not to mention that mRNA technology, used for some COVID vaccines, is new and relatively unproven.

We are currently in Phase 4 of trials. Nothing done here is illegal or inconsistent within the standards of Australia, the UK, US and other countries. The point is that these trials are being performed on millions of people. Either almost the human race are guinea pigs or this is the largest scientist experiment ever done. To be honest, neither sound good or necessary.

Even though Phase 4 trials are massive in this case, they aren’t very scientific. There are no compulsory follow ups on the part of any authority related to the vaccines. All reports of side effects are almost entirely self-reported. We simply can’t draw valid conclusions of the side effects of the vaccines because the sample isn’t random or representative of the population.

There’s not much else to say on this because the facts speak for themselves. No successful vaccine has ever been produced this quickly.

Media & Medical Practitioners

Speaking of populations brings me to my main second issue, the leftist media (and to my surprise some medical practitioners). In a spot of irony, an article by leading left-wing US Cable TV organisation CNN, headlined this on April Fools Day 2020; “The timetable for a coronavirus vaccine is 18 months. Experts say that’s risky”. The irony is that little did people realise that in a little under a year the message would go from being cautious of a rapidly developed vaccine to berating anyone who refuses or wants to wait for a COVID-19 vaccine with the “safe, free and effective” line.

Here are some quotes from that article:

  • “Eighteen months might sound like a long time, but in vaccine years, it’s a blink. That’s the long end of the Trump administration’s time window for developing a coronavirus vaccine, and some leaders in the field say this is too fast — and could come at the expense of safety.”
  • “Dr. Emily Erbelding, an infectious disease expert at NIAID… did say “18 months would be about as fast as I think we can go” — she acknowledged that the accelerated pace will involve “not looking at all the data… So the 18 months would rely upon speeding things up.””
  • “The vaccine under examination was created using a new, potentially revolutionary technology platform that, if successful, could indeed cut months from the development process. However, the technology — called a messenger RNA vaccine — has never been approved as a product for distribution; this would be the first.”
  • “Dr. Paul Offit, the co-inventor of the successful rotavirus vaccine… worries that the fast-tracking could cause more harm than good. “Remember: You’re giving this vaccine, likely, to healthy people — who are not the people typically who are dying from this infection,” he said. “So you better make sure that you are holding it to a high standard of safety… The worst possible thing you do is vaccinate somebody to prevent infection and actually make them worse,” he said.”
  • Even back in the 1960s, when regulations were comparatively lax, it took four years for the mumps and measles vaccine to be approved, Offit said. “The consent form was a three-by-five (inch) index card that says, ‘I allow my child to participate in a BLANK trial,’ and then you would sign it,” Offit said. “That could never happen today. And that’s the fastest it could be done.”

The article goes on to list various examples of failed vaccine developments and vaccines trials that spanned decades. To highlight one particular example, in 1976, US President Gerald Ford vowed to vaccinate “every man, woman and child in the United States” after an outbreak of a swine flu that was first thought to be linked to the deadly 1918 Spanish Flu. He rushed ahead a vaccine program meanwhile evidence mounted that the disease was mild. In the end, 45 million people were vaccinated but the flu turned out to be very mild; with only one death recorded. However, the vaccine had caused the paralysing Guillain-Barré syndrome. More than 30 people died and more than 450 affected.

I’m not suggesting there is a parallel between the 1976 scenario and the 2020-21 COVID Pandemic in any way; there has been so much medical development since then. But the language is strikingly similar. President Biden said in May this year, “Now it’s time to get your shot. We have the vaccine. We’ve secured enough supply to vaccinate all adults and children above the age of 12. I repeat: Now is the time to get your vaccine shot.”

Now, CNN and other left-wing media groups, parade people who chose not to get a COVID-19 vaccine and then been infected by COVID-19; not to mention the droning the “safe and effective” line in so many shows, articles and videos. The media use COVID-19 patients as emotional weapons to berate and belittle you into getting a vaccine. Whilst these patients may seem to make a compelling emotional argument to get the vaccine, that’s not the issue of what I’m talking about and I’ll explain why in a digression.

I’ll digress again to say that I’m not here to make an argument for severity of COVID-19, the efficacy of the vaccines, their side effects or their morality. I’m simply talking about the time to develop the vaccine safely and the changing views on it by prominent groups in society.

I could give many more example of where the media and politicians have changed their tune on the vaccine, the ABC’s WikiHow-eqsue piece, a Washington Post opinion piece calling people “selfish” and even a UK Minister (Michael Gove) called COVID-19 non-vaccinators “selfish”. The list could go on and on.

The point is that almost everyone with either a left-wing or authoritarian streak have changed their tune on COVID-19 vaccines, not just the media. Even Dr. Paul Offit who was quoted by CNN in 2020, has a new view in 2021, “I would say, please tell me what vaccine has ever been shown to cause a long-term side effect that was not picked up in the first two months… You couldn’t do a one- or two- or three-year study… because the virus was killing hundreds of thousands of people. So we wanted to get it out there.” I’ll just say one quick thing on the issue of long term side effects at the expense of sounding foolish, isn’t the whole point of it being a long term effect that you can’t necessarily see it in two months?

It’s the same disease and the same vaccines. So, what made the left-wing media and government medical experts change their mind? That’s a question that I legitimately want to ask. It’s not like the parameters have changed. I’d be inclined to believe them if they said something like, “Well it could take longer than 18 months to develop but if it’s proven to be effective before that, then use it.” The problem, they never said that. They all clearly labelled time as the main issue, not a vaccine’s efficacy or the number of deaths attributed to COVID-19.

I’m not saying that the media, government and medical experts can’t change their mind. I’m simply saying that in one year the message has been completely reversed and so you have to have some justification to change your views so much.

I haven’t even mentioned the flip-flopping views of the United States’ National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases director, Doctor Anthony Fauci, on COVID-19 vaccines and other issues which would consume a year to write on; I will however link a video below which shows exactly what I’m talking about.

Dr. Fauci Contradicting himself

Just think about it, these are the same people which said masks where useless in early 2020 and shove it down your throat that they’re the ultimate protection (yes, still wear a mask even if you’re vaccinated and outside). That’s ridiculous. Think before you trust these people.


In closing, I think I’ve outlined a compelling case to wait for the vaccine or at least take a look at the issues, looking at specifically at the complete change in both the medical and left-wing media views. Do your own research. Look this up yourself and make a decision; not just based on this argument. That’s all I’m asking you to do. Think about how all the “Big” parts of society (Big Government, Big Pharma and Big Tech) have changed their tune and now hammer home the “safe and effective” COVID-19 vaccine message after previously taking a different stance.

I’ll finish with this. COVID-19 is a disease that you have to be tested to know you have. It’s a pandemic that you wouldn’t know was happening if you turned off the news. And to stop the disease you need to take a vaccine that you have to be bribed, berated or belittled to take. Let a little common sense kick in and make informed choices.

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